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Visible Technologies Review

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PROS / Visible Technologies uses two sentiment-analysis techniques for an accuracy of 80 to 90 percent.

CONS / This software service does not access Twitter Firehose.

 VERDICT / Visible Technologies' social media monitoring software is an excellent choice for medium- and enterprise-level businesses that want to make social media marketing a priority.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current Social Media Monitoring Reviews here.

Visible Technologies provides social media monitoring and engagement services that are accurate, comprehensive and easy to use. It offers unlimited access to mentions, streams of data and users. Thus, it's an excellent option for medium and large businesses that are making social media marketing and research a priority.


With this service, you get unlimited access to its data streams. It monitors social media and mainstream news sites across the world, including 250 million blogs, 6 million forums, video channels and review sites. It can monitor and present posts to you in any language, so it's great for international businesses as well. It can also understand slang. However, it's not tied into Twitter Firehose, so it might not be getting all the tweets and Twitter information available.

A large amount of data points means a lot of information, so the software has a five-step process to remove junk posts and duplicates. This helps you get just the information that's important to your company or campaign.


For straight translation service, this company uses Google Translate. However, Visual Technologies can analyze sentiment for 11 languages with an 80 to 90 percent accuracy, according to its internal assessments. It does this by using a combination of its own proprietary sentiment analysis software and the standard Natural Language Processing techniques most social media monitoring software companies use. Visible Technology advisors work with clients to determine which method or what combination of methods best fit the data coming in. One unique feature of this analysis software is that it flags posts showing mixed feelings as well.

In addition to real-time data, this service can access its archives so you can do comparison analysis of past and present data or get a historical look at certain topics. The software can identify profession and education, depending on the cues in the post. The software integrates with Google Analytics to give additional traffic information.

Back Office & Reports

It is easy to set up your searches, and once you've brought in the data, you can filter it by location, languages or Klout Score, which measures influence. One nice feature for the Klout Score filter is that you can adjust the level of influence using a sliding scale so that you can narrow the field to the important posters.

You can set up multiple dashboards for different studies or different departments and use the drag-and-drop capability not only to arrange widgets on your dashboard but also to copy between dashboards. You can export reports in multiple formats or print by clicking the PDF icon. This software has application programming interfaces that let you export the data to customer relationship management software and other programs.

Social Engagement

The social media engagement side of this software only works for Twitter and Facebook, but it is comprehensive within those two platforms. You can assign others to handle messages, schedule posts and respond right from the platform. This makes it easier to respond to important activity, like negative sentiment or customer service issues.

The internet never sleeps, and neither do its users, especially if you have international clientele. Thus, it's handy to have a mobile-friendly program so that you can use the software on your smartphone or tablet when out of the office.

Help & Support

Visible Technologies doesn't have quite as many support features as other social media monitoring and engagement software we reviewed, but it does have all the important ones. Foremost is the dedicated account manager who not only assists you with learning your software, but can also advise you on campaigns and issues like sentiment analysis. You can reach customer support by phone or email, but there is no live chat. You can also find video tutorials. This company does not have a blog or additional training on the use of social media, nor does it have user forums for connecting with other businesses.


Visible Technologies collects and analyzes a massive amount of information yet filters it into approachable bites. Its analysis and response software is easy to use, helping you to get the information you need to track campaigns, research trends or up your customer service in the social medium. It's among the more expensive services, but with unlimited mentions, streams and users, it's an excellent choice for social media monitoring and management.