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Social Networking Websites Reviews

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Social Networking Websites Review

Why Social Media Sites?

With social media sites, the world has gotten a lot smaller. Information is at our fingertips. We have even more access to news and opinions than ever before. It's now entirely common to hear someone ask you to share something on Facebook or to receive breaking news via Twitter on your phone. The world has changed from keeping a Rolodex with lists of contacts to now knowing nearly everything about everyone you've ever met. It's easy to see what your friends ate for dinner, how fussy their kids have been and how they feel about Mondays. As much as people may decry the useless personal information that some people provide on social networks, most people cannot bring themselves to cancel an account for fear that they'll miss out on important information.

Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, give you a great chance to keep in touch with your old friends, keep tabs on current friends and family, and to create new online friendships with people who share similar interests. Some networking websites even give you the advantage of creating a network of friends to aid you in establishing business contacts to find a job.

Surprisingly, not every one of the social networking websites are clones of one another. Each one promotes a platform and user experience that makes it unique, and approaches online social relationships from a specific perspective. The best social media sites we found are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ because each is unique and does what it does better than any other site. For more information about social media, check out our articles on social networking websites.

What to Look for in Social Media Sites

The phenomenon of online social interaction has evolved to include more than stereotypical teenagers looking to expand their network of online friends. People of all ages and backgrounds have discovered that they can enrich their lives through the contacts they make on social networking websites. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate the best social networking websites.

Networking Features
A good social network goes above and beyond simply allowing people to post a profile and update pictures. Additional features should include instant messaging, photo tagging and notifications. The best social network sites allow you to join and create groups based on your interests. You should be able to share music playlists and videos.

The heart and soul of social networking sites are people's personal profiles. Each one is its own online sanctuary – a place where people can express their thoughts and feelings, post their photographs and interact with their network of friends. The most popular social network websites put a strong emphasis on the user's profile, making it easy to use yet still reflective of each user's personality.

The object of a social network is to find friends and expand relationships. Top social networking websites allows members to search for other members in a safe and easy-to-use environment. Common search functions include the ability to search for people by name, city, school and email address.

The internet can be a dangerous place to post personal information. All social networks should provide privacy customization and give you the ability to set your profile or parts of your profile to public or private. Additionally, these sites should give you the ability to report inappropriate behavior and content and to block specific people entirely.

The top social media sites have become the most frequently visited pages on the internet. It's important that you find the ones that best represent your personality and allow you to share your thoughts and feelings with the widest selection of friends, even if you're sharing nothing more than an adorable cat video.

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