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Myspace Review

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Few social networking sites have gone through a bigger identity crisis than Myspace. This site was created in late 2003 and gained enormous popularity in 2005. For a certain generation, Myspace was known for highly customized profiles, bulletins and messaging. In the last few years, this social media service has realized that, in order to stay alive, it needs to cater to a niche market. Today, Myspace solely focuses on the music industry.

Instead of a wall, you post and read updates on your stream. The majority of what is posted on the stream is that one of your friends has listened to songs from the pictured album. You then side-scroll to see what other friends posted, whether it is pictures, videos or mixes they've compiled. The option to instantly listen to a friend's mix is a great feature. There is also a filter where you can choose to eliminate music, posts and profiles from the stream so you see only what you really want in your stream.

Myspace is on the difficult side to maneuver. The side-scroll may be unique, but there is a reason that no other social media sites use it. While Myspace was once known for colorful HTML profile pages with an overload of information, there is very little you can change on a member page now. You are allowed to add pictures and filter your interests, but that is as far as it goes. However, bands and DJs have several more options to display personality on their pages.

Myspace has come a long way from near-bankruptcy to what it is now. Previously, this social network was swarmed with ads and spam mail. Today, you see very little ads on the site. You have the option to make your profile and interests public or private. When you sign in to this social media site, you have the option to log in to your classic Myspace account or to the new Myspace. If you’re making the switch for the first time, however, you’ll find that the classic accounts are not transferable to a new Myspace account. You'll have to reset your friend and music list to be a part of the new Myspace.

Myspace has been at the top of the heap of social network sites, and then on the bottom. It is now capitalizing on the music-lover niche. It’s a terrific option to stay current on your favorite bands and connect with other fans.