Pros / There are many indie music videos available on this social networking service.

Cons / Ads detract from the enjoyment and ease of using PerfSpot.

 Verdict / PerfSpot could rank higher with its high amount of features, but it leans more towards finding dates than making friends.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top Social Networking Sites here.

PerfSpot is among the top social networking sites that are primarily used outside of the United States. It is one of the many social media sites that popped up right after MySpace became popular. PerfSpot has never been able to find its niche among social network sites and set itself apart as a great way to meet friends. Its strength lies in its wide variety of tools and features. You are able to be as specific as possible and choose to only view your friends' statuses or pictures. You can also rank your friends from top to bottom. It's the modern version of setting numbers on speed dial, but it won't come in handy too much because the focus of this site is meeting and ranking PerfSpot members you are looking to date.

By choosing the Perfection tab, you have the ability to rate a person on a scale from one to 10 based on their profile picture. This is not new for social networks, but it feels tacky on a site that pretends it's a friendship and networking site. This social site is aimed at college students and young professionals by providing a more adult atmosphere. That's not to say that the site is adult oriented, but sections like PerfNights are dedicated to pictures of people drinking and partying. The profiles of users under the age of 18 do not appear in a general search.

The features that PerfSpot provides do make it a more personal experience. You can add single songs or music playlists to share with others. You can start a blog using the site and templates. We ranked this social network with a lower Site Appearance score because each page is riddled with ads.

PerfSpot also has videos from most of the major networks and Hulu. There are music videos, television shows, movies and more. There is also a substantial music section that lets you to listen to thousands of songs and add them to your profile playlist. However, we noticed that you do not have the ability to upload your own videos to the site.

We were also a little surprised to find that although PerfSpot has a section about online safety and concerns, there is no link for general help. Through the Contact Us link, we found some email addresses, phone numbers and online help (which never seemed to be available), but we would have settled for a selection of FAQs.


PerfSpot looks like a typical social network site from the outside. You can set up a profile, adjust privacy settings and start playing social games immediately, though this is overshadowed by the perfection ranking. This is a good site for storing music playlists and joining groups based on your interests, but it all seems to veer closer to a social dating site rather than a site for networking.