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Reddit Review

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Reddit is one of the only social networking websites that still has an old-style design to it. In fact, many people may find it difficult to read at first glance, but after some navigating, it’s fairly easy to get the hang of it.

On the Reddit homepage, you see what is most popular, which Reddit titles Hot. These posts are most commonly known in the social media world as trending posts. Reddit posts make it to the homepage based on votes from users. The more they are shared and commented on, the more likely they are to rise to the homepage.

A Reddit post can be any kind of URL. For instance, as a user, you can submit a new link or text post. These posts can consist of a picture, video, article, audio or just text. Other users can then comment, share and vote on the post. The links you share can be Reddit links, such as links to other posts or your own pictures or video you upload to your account, or direct links to another site.

In addition to the homepage section, Hot, main sections of Reddit include New, Rising, Controversial, Top, Gilded, Wiki and Promoted. Reddit also has other sections called Subreddits that are devoted to more specific topics. Subreddits include art, science, television shows, books, DIY, sports and music.

In addition to the main sections and Subreddits, you can search on Reddit for specific things. For instance, you can type in a simple keyword or phrase, such as "cat video," and you will get posts and Subreddits related to cats. You can subscribe to these Subreddits to stay posted. Reddit’s advanced search lets you narrow your results by Subreddits, authors, sites, URLs and more.

Reddit is a social networking website that lets you submit web content, either your own or from others, and vote it to the front page. You can also start discussions with other users on posts for serious or comedic purposes. You can search by its many main sections and subsections to find posts on just about any topic you desire. If you can look past its dated design, you can enjoy Reddit for trending and viral web content.