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Tumblr Review

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Tumblr is one of the most unique social networking websites. It combines social media and microblogging into one thing, and it works. Tumblr is a free social network for either personal or business use. One of the company’s main goals is to make social media and blogging very simple.

As a Tumblr user, you can post whatever you want on it – text, photos, videos, music, and links to websites and other social media posts. You can also search Tumblr for just about anything. This social media website makes it very simple to search for anything you are looking for. You can enter a keyword, or a few, into the Tumblr search bar or search by post type, such as text, photos, videos, links or audio. You can also narrow search results with different filters, such as most popular or most recent posts. Furthermore, Tumblr has a section that lets you see what is trending in user shares.

Tumblr also acts as a community. The company designed the website so that, as with other social networks, you follow others, such as celebrities, family, friends or just people who have similar interests as you. When you follow others, their blog posts show up in your feed, just like on many other social media websites. You can also share, or reblog as Tumblr puts it, others’ posts on your own feed and even make it your own by adding a comment, link or audio.

Like many social networking websites, Tumblr does use advertisements. Also like many others, though, its advertisements are often made to look just like regular posts so its users are not annoyed or overwhelmed by them in their feeds.

Tumblr isn’t just a standard social media network; it’s also a microblogging platform. It lets you share what you want with your network in either a simple or complex blog post and follow others. You can create and meet a community of other users based on your similar interests and blog posts. Tumblr is free for both individuals and businesses to use.