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Standard Legal Review

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PROS / Standard Legal has many forms that deal with family issues, such as divorce.

CONS / This program is lacking in business, financial and real estate legal forms.

 VERDICT / Standard Legal is a good source for personal and family legal forms that are formatted in a way that allows you to save and reuse the same forms repeatedly.

Standard Legal is a legal form solution with some of the most basic documents available. Most of the forms available are for personal issues. These include last will and testaments, living wills and name change forms. Family law issues, like divorce and child custody, are also available.

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This service has created fill-in-the-bank forms to make it easy for you to complete the legal documents you need. However, unlike the other legal form services we reviewed, Standard Legal doesn't allow you to fill out the forms on its website. Instead, each form opens into your Word or Adobe Reader programs where you can then fill in the blanks with your own information. One advantage to this is that you can save blank forms to your desktop to be filled in and used repeatedly instead of having to repurchase the form each time you need it.

While there aren't many forms available for financial or business issues, Standard Legal does have other forms available. For example, you can create lease agreements for both residential and commercial rental properties. It also has all the forms and documentation you need to file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, documents that not many online legal services provide. However, several other important financial forms, such as loan agreements, bill of sale and credit forms are not available. This service also doesn't have many real estate or business legal forms available compared to the best legal services we reviewed.

For support with your legal forms, Standard Legal has a few options. There is information on the Standard Legal website, including an extensive knowledge base, legal guide and FAQs. The website is cluttered, so it's difficult at times to find where the information is. If you need help filling out your forms, you can search the legal directory to find an attorney in your area to speak with. You can also take advantage of Standard Legal's preparation services.


Standard Legal is a basic program without very many legal form options. All documents are created within your Word or Adobe Reader program rather than online as other online legal services offer. However, each form is formatted to be a legally binding document once it is signed according to your state requirements.

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