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US Legal Review

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PROS / This service has more legal forms than other services we reviewed.

CONS / US Legal doesn't have a presence on any social media forum.

 VERDICT / US Legal has more than 36,000 state-specific legal forms and non-legal documents as well as optional legal-preparation services, making it the number one legal forms service.

US Legal, our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, is one of the most comprehensive and helpful online legal forms services. It offers more than 36,000 state-specific legal forms and non-legal documents in more areas than any other legal form service we reviewed. There is such an extensive range of documents covering so many topics that it is unlikely you would need to look anywhere else.

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Business Forms

Running a small business is difficult with a plethora of legal issues to consider. Laws dictate how your business is formed, the hiring and firing of employees, and the process for securing your trade secrets. US Legal has the most comprehensive list of business forms available, including confidentiality agreements, DBA registration, merger and acquisition forms, and copyrights. US Legal can also help you create legally binding contracts that are ready to sign and put into place. Additionally, you can create indemnity agreements to help keep you safe from any legal obligations should a deal go sour.

Real Estate Forms

Buy and selling real estate is a tricky trade with many legal obligations on both sides, whether your are buying a home, selling property, renting or acting as landlord. US Legal has many of the legal forms you need for every situation. The purchase agreements and mortgage forms help you bypass middlemen realtors and costly attorney fees, helping you sell your home completely on your own.

For landlords, this legal form service helps you draw up the lease agreements, whether it's for residential or commercial property. If you discover that a tenant isn't adhering to the terms of the lease, US Legal has the legal notices to make him or her aware of a possible breach of contract. Additionally, this program includes the legal forms you need to file to begin the eviction process, each according to the state requirements where you are located.

Financial Forms

Money matters are stressful, especially when you are dealing with either a personal or business bankruptcy. US Legal has the forms you need to help you through both a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy without having to pay more money to an attorney. If you are a debtor with an individual or business that is delinquent in their payments, you can use this legal form service to place liens on property to ensure you will eventually be paid.

Financial legal issues aren't all bad. US Legal can help you create stock certificates, promissory notes and loan agreements. You can use the forms available online to conduct credit checks before issuing a loan or to report a delinquency. If you have property or services to sell, you can create a purchase agreement, then use a bill of sale once the deal is complete.

Personal Forms

Some of toughest legal decisions affect loved ones. US Legal has all the forms you need to help you through the legal steps planning your estate, including writing a last will and testament, creating a living trust and naming a Power of Attorney. It also has the forms you need to create a living will in case you have a medical emergency and need your desires known.

Divorces aren't easy, especially when children are involved. This online legal form services has the papers you need to begin the process. Unlike several other legal form services, US Legal has additional forms to help you through the entire process. These include forms addressing issues such as child custody, cohabitation and name changes. If there is a prenuptial agreement in place, US Legal can help guide you through the divorce process to ensure the terms of the agreement are met.

US Legal is one of the few legal form services we reviewed that include forms and process letters for immigration issues.


We found US Legal to be the most complete, inclusive and best online legal forms service available. US Legal has the largest collection of state-specific legal forms and documents on the internet. This service has everything a business or the average Joe could need in legal forms and non-legal letters. In addition, if it doesn't have it, US Legal will find it for you. Its preparation service is convenient. You can pose legal questions to lawyers and find an attorney if you decide you want to retain someone to represent you. The customer service US Legal provides is helpful, courteous and prompt.

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