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AdoramaPix Review

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PROS / The color quality is wonderful.

CONS / The prices are pretty steep.

 VERDICT / AdoramaPix has great features, but it is not the best site for photo quality or gifts.

AdoramaPix is one of the best places to print photos in color. The colors in every picture sample we received back were very close to the original pictures we sent in. There are also some great features on the site, and many of them are just as good as those on our higher-ranking sites.

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The print quality is good, with the aerial views and the color quality receiving especially high marks. The colors are almost exactly the same as the original photos, with the exception of when something in the picture did not appear very clearly, and then the color usually gets slightly lighter or darker. The motion-capture picture was a little too blurred for our tastes, and the low-light picture could have been a little lighter, but the color was still superb for an online photo printing service.

Most photo printing services have a variety of features to help make your photography better, and AdoramaPix has some great ones. There is an online photo-sharing option, and you can easily import photos from Facebook onto the site. It does not have a photo slideshow option, but you can still create your own photo library. You can have your photos printed in glossy or matte finish, and you can have high-resolution downloads on the site. The only other missing features are film printing and uploading and sharing video.

If you only want to print pictures, this site will be useful to you, but some options are missing in the photo gifts. There are not any clothing prints available, which is odd, with so many customers from clubs and teams flocking to printing sites. It doesn't offer jewelry or accessories such as key chains either. Calendars and greeting cards are available, as well as metal prints designed for a desk setting. AdoramaPix feels more like a site for people who want to display their photography rather than commercialize it, most likely in a home or office environment.

If you feel like you need a good support system from your digital photo printing service, AdoramaPix will fit that bill. It has video tutorials to help you build your own photo book, and there is a huge page of FAQs that cover everything from photo importing to customer service. It has email and phone services, but there is no live chat. No overnight delivery service is available, although there is a two-day option.

The prices on AdoramaPix vary from higher than most of its competitors to lower on certain products. The 4-by-6-inch pictures are priced at 24 cents apiece, which is far higher than other sites on our lineup. But 5-by-7-inch photos are 69 cents apiece, which is less expensive than most of the highest-ranked sites on our lineup. Pictures sized 11-by-14-inches are priced at just $3.99, at least $3 less expensive than many of its competitors.


AdoramaPix definitely has a lot of things going for it. The photo quality is wonderful, there are some great prices, and if you want to find a sleek and professional-looking way to decorate your office or home with pictures, this is a great site to help you do so.

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