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Pros / The support and shipping services are exceptionally good.

Cons / It lacks the features and products that a lot of other sites offer.

 Verdict / Bay Photo will provide you with some solid, basic help in becoming a better photographer and print artist.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current Digital Photo Printing Reviews here.

Bay Photo is a great starting point if you have an interest in photo printing online and need some basic tools and decent help that will not require you to spend exorbitant amounts of money on instructional software or classes. There is definitely room for improvement in some areas of the site, but the support services are strong enough to warrant it a spot on our lineup.

If you want to print photos with well-balanced color, Bay Photo is a good choice. The samples we received of its 4-by-6-inch photos were similar to the original photos we sent it, and the aerial shots were very clear as well. However, the motion-capture photos we received back were not particularly impressive, with blurring on the objects.

There is also the issue of cost. The 29 cents per picture for its 4-by-6-inch photos places it as one of the most expensive choices on our lineup. Some large photo print sizes are less pricey than the typical costs of other companies, but if you are on a budget, make sure you keep your eye out for potential coupons or deals, which the site offers regularly.

The site’s features do not provide a platform to make your photography known or available to other people. There is no online community built up through Bay Photo, nor do you have unlimited online storage. You can, however, import and print pictures from Facebook, and set up your own photo library. The editing tools of the site are useful, with a full-color correction option available at an extra price. You can also retouch images that you feel are not up to your standards.

Photo gifts are a great way to share your work with family or friends, and there are some great options on Bay Photo to make them. There are options for photo books, various home and office materials, calendars, greeting cards and holiday ornaments. It also prints promotional products such as brochures and magazines. Curiously, it does not print photo blankets or clothing, and collages are not part of the photo formats offered.

The hands-down best part of Bay Photo is the support and shipping services. If you do not know how to order photos online and need readily available help with navigating the site, then the live chat is your best friend on the site. The service was prompt and polite, and the employees seemed knowledgeable about everything from features to prices.

The FAQs go into depth about the services on the site, including the software of the site, Bay ROES. Video tutorials are part of the support services, and there is a telephone number and email address if you need help beyond live chat.


Bay Photo has its drawbacks in pricing and features, but if you need a support system designed to help you learn how to edit and print good photos, it is a solid choice.

Bay Photo Visit Site