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Kodak Gallery Review

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PROS / Kodak Gallery has fantastic help and support options, including live chat support, email, FAQs and a search toolbar.

CONS / This photo printing service does not have a large selection of photo gifts.

 VERDICT / Kodak Gallery is simple to use and has great site features, like the ability to upload photos from Facebook and create Group Rooms.

Kodak Gallery, a trusted name in the photo industry, offers digital photo printing site features that you are bound to enjoy, customer support features you won't mind using and a site so easy to operate that you may have a hard time peeling yourself away.

Kodak Gallery

Site Features

To test for quality, we sent the same digital photos to a variety of digital photo printing services. While we like the way most of our pictures turned out with Kodak Gallery, there were a few noticeable issues, particularly from cropping. We took each set of prints received from the online photo developers and laid them down side-by-side for comparison.

Sunset – This was our favorite photo that we ordered from Kodak Gallery. The models were well lit and clear. Additionally, the sunset's colors were vibrant. There was a significant amount of cropping at the bottom of the picture, however.

Black and White – This was probably the most disappointing print we got back from Kodak Gallery. Our black and white print was really dark and looked almost blue. This was most apparent in the lake where, in the background, the ripple of water has obvious blue hues.

Aerial – Our aerial shot was taken on a cloudy day in London. Kodak Gallery was able to clean up the overcast and create a clear crisp picture. Visually, the photo looked great, but again there was a noticeable amount of cropping at the bottom of the picture.

Ease of Use

Kodak has one of the most organized and easy-to-use sites we've seen; uploading pictures and ordering prints is fun! Any computer user should be able to walk through this process without any problems.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose Kodak Gallery is that they work with many local developers and are able to ship your prints to a variety of locations, including Target or CVS, for same-day pick-up. You can, of course, have your prints and print projects shipped to your home, which does guarantee that you will pay the same price for your digital photo projects that you were quoted on this digital photo printing website.

Photo Gifts

Kodak’s customer support is thorough and easy to navigate. You can select the Help tab on the main Kodak page. Instead of navigating to a new page within the site, this photo printing service's help center opens in its own window. We usually don't like when sites do this, but for the help center, we appreciate it. Within the help center window, you have access to the following four tabs at the top of the page:

Help – The help section is like a FAQs section. They have the top 15 searched topics listed for you, but you are also able to use the search bar. Type in a keyword or phrase into the search bar, and depending on the topic, multiple pages will populate. Next to a few of these pages, Kodak includes an "updated" tag, so you know that you will get the most relevant information.

Email Us – From within the digital photo printing help window, you can send an email to Kodak technical support.

Live Chat – Monday through Sunday, you are able to chat with a member of the Kodak Gallery Customer Service Team. The live chat support icon is easy to locate on every page, which we love.

Community Forum – The Kodak Gallery community is a fantastic place for you to go to receive answers to your questions from people who have actually used the digital photo printing service. As an account holder, you have full access to all community forum features, including posting and answering questions.


Although Kodak Gallery did not have the widest variety of photo gifts, we felt that this digital photo printing service had a few unique offerings, such as the customizable iPhone case and fleece collage blankets, which make great gifts. We are also impressed with the help and support options that Kodak offers.

Kodak Gallery