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Picaboo Review

PROS / Even the most inexperienced designer can produce a custom photo book with this software.

CONS / Picaboo does not provide the highest quality of product.

 VERDICT / While the online photo book editor offers several templates that are easy to use, the material and photo quality suffer.

In an effort to appeal to the inexperienced designer and the professional, Picaboo offers a user-friendly photo book publisher filled with design tools and templates. The online photo book editor has a selection of over 60 different themed templates. By simply dragging and dropping, you can place a unique template on every page of your photo book. Despite its ease of use and accessibility, the result is not of the highest quality.

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The web-based book editor offers basic photo editing tools to polish your image or match them to the backgrounds. You can adjust the brightness, contrast saturation or opacity of any image, as well as add filters to make the photo black and white or sepia. While it offers a template for almost every photo theme, you can make a book from scratch and design your own templates and pages. If you select a template, Picaboo does the rest of the work with its Auto Create feature. It automatically places photos into the templates. If you want to switch book sizes or style, the editor maintains the interior of the photo book, making it easy to switch from one book to another.

  1. The cost of a standard, hardcover photo book.
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  2. 7 Picaboo
    34.99 Dollars
  3. 29.99 Dollars
  4. 29.99 Dollars
  5. 28.99 Dollars
  6. Category Average
    28.57 Dollars

The best photo book editor works for both amateur and professional designers. Auto Create allows you to use the editor effectively without being computer-savvy, but in case you do know a lot about photo editing and design, the software offers tools to adjust your photo book to your preference. You can navigate the photo book editor no matter what route you take.

Picaboo's print quality is fair. The service alerts you to low-resolution images before you print so that you can resize or remove them from your photo book. As such, your pictures should be high quality; however, pictures taken with a phone or low-quality camera exhibit blurry images. Additionally, the binding of the photo book is sewn in. It makes the book weak, as it pulls on the cover every time you open it. With too much use, you could break the spine and release the pages accidentally.

The photo books come in five different sizes. They come in landscape and square dimensions with standard sizes. The company only offers two different types of covers. You can protect your book with a less expensive soft cover or a sturdy hard cover.

Picaboo offers technical support for its services. You can contact a representative through email or live chat. It also offers a FAQs section that provides solutions to common problems.


The hardest part about creating a photo book from Picaboo is gathering your photos. From there, the site offers a user-friendly photo book editor for amateurs and professionals alike. Unfortunately, the final result is of relatively poor quality. This makes Picaboo a good choice if you want to make a simple or fun photo book for a vacation rather than a significant life event.

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