Flickr is a picture sharing service optimized for all things mobile. This company works with apps on all operating systems, including Mac, Android, and Windows. In addition, it offers ample storage space so your photos always have a home.

Flickr allows you to store and edit and share your favorite images. One of the advantages to using this image sharing service it works so well on mobile devices. You simply download the Flickr app, sign in, and you can access all of your photos and enjoy all the benefits of storing, editing and sharing your images while on the go.

Furthermore, this company offers 1,000GB of free photo storage. This allows you to store hundreds of photos and be able to easily access them whenever you need to. Furthermore, this company provides automatic backup capabilities so you never have to worry about photos being lost.

Flickr stands at the crossroads between photo sharing and social media sites. You can share your photos with active members in Flickr who share your interests or through other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest. The active communities are fertile ground for photographers and photography lovers. If you have a specialty in photography, you can share, comment and join groups of users with the same niche.

Using this photo sharing service is simple. To upload photos, you drag and drop images into your camera roll. If you wish to populate your photos, you can choose what photos you wish the public to view and which images only friends or family have permission to view. Furthermore, you can sort your images by the date the images were taken or the date they were uploaded.

If you want more advanced features, there are Flickr Pro accounts that include monthly or annual charges. These paid plans provide additional features: For instance, you can view advanced stats on your photos, you have ad-free browsing and sharing, and you can receive discounts if you purchase photo merchandise through the company.

Flickr offers some channels for support if questions or concerns arise. A help forum is a good place to go if you want to start a discussion or ask a question not found in the FAQs. The FAQs section covers the basics of the photo sharing site. You can find basic information about the service, and if you still need questions answered, you can email representatives.

For mobile users, Flickr is a good option. This photo sharing site is optimized for endless, mouse-free scrolling on a tablet or smartphone. You can upload images through the official Flickr app or create an app of your own. The best parts about Flickr – the communities and massive storage space – are free. And you can easily share your images with friends and family members through social networks or the service itself.