Photography, like anything enjoyable, requires practice and feedback to improve. Fotki is one of the few photo storage services that hosts photo contests. There are no prizes, but participating in a photo contest can expand your portfolio and inspire you to capture different subjects. You can submit your photos to Fotki's contests and other users vote on the images they like best. Voters can also comment on your images if you want feedback on your work.

The photo contests are in large part why Fotki's community is so active. This site goes beyond online photo sharing, stepping into social media territory. You can befriend other users, post on forums, create a guestbook for others to sign and view users who saw your collection.

There are four different plans available from this photo sharing company. Plans range in photo storage space from 100GB to 1,024GB. All plans have no ads while your browse and unlimited bandwidth.

There are many features available for your photos and albums. You can create slideshows and add notes to images. Photo tagging and geotagging capabilities are available, and you can easily copy and move albums with ease.

Fotki is better suited for photos than film, although there are a handful of video options if you wish to store video on your account. You can upload videos by email or from your mobile device. You can also embed video into blogs, forums and websites.

This photo sharing service is compatible with Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds, and has all the standard linking options like embedding and URLs. And while you can't email an image or album directly, you can use the IM/email link in an email.

If you are concerned about the security and privacy of your photos, you can set passwords for your albums and create private accounts. You can also hide albums or exclude them from search engines.

If you want to print keepsakes of your photography, prints and merchandise are available for purchase. Photo prints come in all sizes, and you can purchase merchandise such as magnets, puzzles or picture frames.

Customer service options are only available for Fotki members. You must sign into your account first before you can send a support inquiry or access any other customer service resource.

Fotki is a very social photo sharing site populated by an active community with a deep personal interest in photography. If you're a fledgling photographer, you can try your hand at the photo contests for feedback and constructive criticism. And while it offers a great site for meeting other photographers and storing your photos, Fotki is a pretty basic photo sharing service.