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Photobucket Plus20 Review

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PROS / Giant files are small potatoes for Photobucket because there is no file cap for uploadable images.

CONS / Support from this site is basic. The main help section is a hybrid between forums and FAQs.

 VERDICT / You can upload photos of any size, but professionals may be wary about the lack of advanced piracy options and a full portfolio builder.

Most DSLRs produce files that hit at least 20MB. And that's before editing your photos in a program like Photoshop. The photo sharing service Photobucket wins the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for its ability to handle large files. This means that whether your photo is 10MB or 150MB, you can upload it to Photobucket without a hitch. This makes Photobucket's speedy upload times even more impressive. We tested the site by uploading 20 photos totaling a hefty 65MB into the photo sharing site. Our photos were online and ready to go in under a minute.

  1. The total data this service can hold.
    1 Gigabyte=1,000,000,000 bytes
  2. 3 Photobucket
    20 GB
  3. 1000000 GB
  4. 1000 GB
  5. Category Average
    700122.00 GB

Once you upload your files, you can share them through popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. If you frequent forums, you can post embedded images with the links provided next to each image. Because it's so easy to share photos on Photobucket, it's best to use the few privacy settings available on the site. You won't find any advanced options like watermarking, but you can hide and protect individual photos and albums with passwords.

Sharing & Storage

Since the golden days of Myspace, Photobucket was designed to share photos of all kinds. The image-sharing site supports images, GIFs and video for social media users. You can import photos from Facebook to Photobucket and share images on less common sites like StumbleUpon and Digg. The direct, embedded and IM links appear next to public images so you can use them in forums and blogs. You can download and print other user's photos as well.

It's best to use this site if you're comfortable with others seeing and potentially using your images. There are no options for watermarks or right-click protection, but there are privacy options if you don't want to display your photos at all. Like most photo hosting sites, Photobucket allows you to hide individual photos and albums. But this service provides some security with the option to protect private albums and photos with passwords.


If you aren't entirely Photoshop savvy, Photobucket has a simple photo editing program. You can edit your uploaded images or add them from your desktop. The editor covers the basics like sharpness, contrast and light levels. Blemish removers, teeth whitening and red eye reduction tools are within reach as well. Similar to photo apps like Instagram, Photobucket also has colored filters and frames to add an artistic touch to your photos.

Once your photos are polished, you can purchase them on wall prints, cards and stickers. If you want to display your work on something different, you can purchase harder-to-find items like shower curtains and phone cases. The printing services are easy to access and you can personalize them with text and colors.

Help & Support

Support from this site is basic, but Photobucket is such a simple site, you probably won't need help using it. In case you do have questions or need assistance with your account, the FAQs section is divided into several categories to help you find what you need. There isn't an email address, but you can comment on articles related to your problem or submit a request through the FAQs section.


Amateur photographers will benefit from the sheer publicity they can squeeze out of Photobucket. With options to share your photos over the most popular and some less common social media sites, sharing your photos with friends, family and potential clients is easy. Upload times are fast and can handle giant files from heavy artillery cameras. This photo sharing service is great for keeping the photos from all of your devices in a central location. But unless you apply privacy settings to all your photos, your work is just as easy for others to share.