Pros / Pixagogo is pretty easy to use.

Cons / This service isn’t popular enough to compete.

 Verdict / This service is alright, but it needs some help.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our site because it has been discontinued. You can still read about it below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Pixagogo is a user-friendly, web-based photo sharing service where you can share your digital photos in high quality, and you decide who can view them. This service has various practical features including a free trial and is one of the top ten online photo albums on the web.

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Sharing & Storage

Pixagogo has made their uploading process as easy as moving around files on your hard drive. All you have to do is drag and drop files or folders into upload tasks. Users have the ability to queue up a series of upload tasks to make uploading hundreds of pictures without the need for user intervention possible.

Once users have their folders uploaded, they can separate their pictures into different albums. These albums have an automatic layout on a resizable intelligent grid and users have the ability to customize photo and album layout, color, backgrounds and frames. Albums can have difference picture sizes on the same page to make them look more like the albums you have sitting on the shelf. Users can also add page breaks, text blocks, descriptions and photo names. You don't have to worry about conflicting file formats because all popular file formats are supported in any photo resolution. If your friends or family want to comment on your pictures, they can do so with the guestbook feature Pixagogo includes with every album. The popularity of albums users upload can be tracked through viewing statistics. Any album can be submitted to the public gallery for critique from other Pixagogo users.

Users are given the option to turn their pictures into high quality, full screen slides that are optimized for quick slide changes. Anyone who gets the album can view the slideshows without needing to install special software.

You don't have to deal with attaching large photos to emails anymore because this service lets you email album links to your friends and family instead. It doesn't matter what you do to your album because the link is never going to change. With these links, you can share your albums anywhere on the internet. Albums can be accessed online from any computer because all you need to look at them is a regular internet browser.

If users want to have their pictures organized in chronological order, they can do so according to the date that's embedded in each photo. They can zoon in on a particular year, month or day and look at the pictures associated with a particular time period. This feature makes for easily assembled albums with a single photo figuring into multiple albums.


Pixagogo is a good photo sharing service, but it's not very popular. Sometimes a week or two will pass before someone uploads pictures into the public gallery. When we first reviewed this product we found that over a month had passed since someone decided to open up one of their galleries for public consumption.

Help & Support

Pixagogo offers a contact form and a FAQs page within their site. The service also has popup windows that give details on various features.


Pixagogo is a little pricey for what the service entails and currently you can’t add videos. Overall, this picture sharing service makes it simple and fast to upload and share photos. You’ll enjoy the unlimited photo storage.

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