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True Key

True Key Premium is different from most cloud password managers. On the surface, it doesn't appear to have many features, but it automates most tasks, except filling forms on websites, better than the


It's not just businesses that need to search for people. Sometimes you may want to reconnect with an old friend, check out your child's new scout leader or even find out what information is out there


TruthFinder is a people search engine that not only helps you find contact information for a person you're searching for but also his or her employment, education and a range of social media informati

What is Better, People Search or White Pages?

There are several ways of finding someone through the Internet, but they are not all equal. Social networking sites can be a great asset, unless the person in question uses a different site or doesn&r

IDFreeze by myFICO

 IDFreeze is the identity theft protection service from myFICO. myFICO's primary service is monitoring and fixing credit scores, so it doesn't have as many features and services as other ID theft comp

Common Intelius Complaints

Keeping your identity safe can be a full-time job. Unless you have the time and the know-how to keep your credit secure, investing in an identity theft protection subscription is a smart decision. Aft

Common Identity Guard Complaints

Keeping your identity clear and secure is priceless. Your good name is what helps you qualify for loans, pass background checks and get the job you want. With something that valuable, you can’t afford

LifeLock vs Identity Guard

Horror stories of identity theft and its associated expenses and hassles run rampant on the internet. Consumers are well aware of their vulnerability in this area. If you’re looking for added protecti

IdentityForce Versus LifeLock

Identity theft may be more common than you think. In 2014, there was a new identity fraud victim every two seconds. That same year, $16 billion was stolen from 12.7 million U.S. consumers as a result

The Strangest Identity Theft Cases of All Time

Many identity theft cases end tragically, and nearly all of them leave the victim feeling angry and violated, but a select few top the scandal-strangeness scale. Amazingly, motivations other than fina

How Common Is Identity Theft?

To understand the magnitude of the identity theft crisis in the United States, consider these three numbers: 50, 15 and 5. These numbers represent the annual financial cost of identity theft in Americ

10 Ways Thieves Can Steal Your Identity

On a typical day you're likely to encounter dozens of ways your identity can be stolen. You don't have to be vulnerable to identity theft, though. Here are 10 ways thieves can steal your identity and

Is Spokeo Safe?

Have you ever wanted to reconnect with an old friend or learn more about a new acquaintance instantly? There's a convenient way to do that online by using background checkers and people search engines

The Beginner's Guide to Performing Background Checks

The reasons for performing a background check can vary depending on the situation, ranging from a curious landlord to a nosy spouse. Regardless of your motives, here is a how-to guide on conducting a

LifeLock Reaches $100 Million Settlement With the FTC

The identity theft protection company LifeLock will pay $100 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it violated the terms of a 2010 FTC settlement over what the agency describes as "d

Is Instant Checkmate Safe and Legit?

Have you ever wanted to know more about the people you work with? Is there someone you don't feel safe around? You can use services like Instant Checkmate to perform background checks on people you do

Learn How To Easily Avoid ATM Skimmers

In 2008, ATM skimmers stole over $1 billion. Though data on recent financial losses due to this vice is not available, you can be sure that it reflects higher losses. Both banks and ATM users suffer f

What to Do If Your Social Security Card is Lost or Stolen

If you lost your Social Security card, or you believe someone stole your card, take immediate action. Your Social Security number (SSN) is the most important, and most valuable, form of identification

Protecting Your Children Against Identity Theft

Identity theft is no small problem. It can lead to financial disaster and ruin lives. What’s worse is that the victims of identity theft are often children. You may not even realize your child’s risk

How to Protect Yourself from Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft is a growing problem. In fact, nearly 2.3 million Americans are victims, and there are roughly 250,000 cases a year. In the majority of thefts, the victims paid – up to $1

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