Pros / IDFreeze monitors your medical records for any unauthorized use of your identity for medical services.

Cons / It does not offer recovery services in the event your identity is stolen.

 Verdict / IDFreeze is good for monitoring your identity and credit history, but it falls short in services designed for recovering from an identity theft.

IDFreeze is the identity theft protection service from myFICO. myFICO's primary service is monitoring and fixing credit scores, so it doesn't have as many features and services as other ID theft companies in our review. However, it's still a valuable tool for identifying possible threats.

IDFreeze keeps tabs on your Social Security, credit card and bank account numbers, watching closely for any unusual activity that may indicate your identity has been stolen. This may include unauthorized accounts opened, credit cards issued or loans taken out in your name. IDFreeze monitors public records to ensure you're not listed with another address or with any civil convictions, things that may indicate someone else is using your identity. It also monitors your medical records, one of the most common areas of identity theft, to ensure you're not stuck with someone else's medical bills.

This identity theft protection company alerts both you and the credit reporting agencies if your identity is compromised. If your wallet is lost or stolen, IDFreeze helps you contact your bank and credit card companies to cancel your accounts in order to head off any potential identity theft. However, if your ID is stolen, it doesn't have any recovery services to help you re-establish your identity. It does have a good knowledgebase with information on how you can recover and re-establish your identity on your own. While this is helpful, it isn't as low-stress and easy as identity recovery with the programs we reviewed that help you through some of these steps a bit more.

In addition to monitoring your identity, IDFreeze monitors your credit score, provides you with your credit history report, and assists you in removing your name and address from mailing lists. All of these services are available for you as an individual and, for a slightly higher cost, your immediate family.

If you need assistance navigating the myFICO website or have general questions about your account, services or how to further protect your identity, you can contact a customer service representative via telephone or email. The online FAQs answer the majority of these questions if you prefer to look them up yourself.

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 IDFreeze is a good way to monitor your identity and credit simultaneously, and both are offered together as part of myFICO's IDFreeze services. However, if your identity is stolen, IDFreeze doesn't help you much in recovering and re-establishing your credit; you have to take those steps on your own. You can receive a little direction using the FAQs on the myFICO website or by speaking to a customer service rep via telephone or email, but IDFreeze still falls a bit short of the services that give you comprehensive assistance in recovering your identity.

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