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TrustedID Family Plan Review

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PROS / If you have children or elderly relatives living in your home, you can cover them in your plan.

CONS / TrustedID does not monitor public record or criminal data.

 VERDICT / TrustedID covers the most common areas of identity theft and is worth considering if you have extended family living with you.

TrustedID securely monitors your personal information to protect you from identity theft. Plus, it has resources on its website to teach you how to prevent identity theft so you can further secure yourself. Although you probably won't ever need to find out, this ID theft protection service has effective resolution assistance and a $1 million service guarantee in the event that someone steals your identity.

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Of all the ID theft protection services we rated, only TrustedID has a family plan that includes seniors living in the home. As elderly are often good candidates for identity fraud, this is the service to consider if you have extended family living with you. This plan also protects your children, who are 30 to 50 percent more likely to become victims of ID fraud than adults are.

When you register, TrustedID will first score you on your risk for identity theft. In the case that your risk is high, it will advise you on ways to reduce the chance of becoming a victim.

TrustedID monitors for potential fraud, keeping track of your full name, social security number, credit card numbers, home address, telephone number, email addresses and more. It even checks black-market websites where people buy and trade personal information. However, it does not look at public records or criminal records, which many other products we reviewed do monitor.

In the event that someone steals your identity, TrustedID will provide you with assistance to resolve the issues and recover your identity. The TrustedID Claims kit includes a detailed description of the resolution process and further guidance to help avoid future problems. This company provides information to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other government agencies as needed to help recover your identity. With the $1 million insurance and service guarantee, TrustedID will reimburse you for any costs, lost wages or legal expenses that occur as a result of identity fraud while a customer.

TrustedID does more than monitor and protect your credit. It also provides some handy additional services to its customers, including mail-list removal. Having fewer pre-approved credit card offers is not only a nice convenience but can also further protect your identity by eliminating the amount of identifying mail you receive.

TrustedID has offers support through phone, live chat and email. The website also has FAQs, an online resource center and an ID theft blog to help you learn how to prevent identity theft.


TrustedID provides a good all-around identity theft protection service for helping you protect your identity, with the benefit of including your family, even elderly members living with you. More than helping defend your good name, it will help you resolve any problems that you may encounter should you become the victim of identity theft.

TrustedID Family Plan Visit Site