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BeenVerified Review

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PROS / The social media section of its report is thorough. It includes profile photos, user IDs and other information.

CONS / It didn't always send the PDF report when requested.

 VERDICT / BeenVerified offers accurate reports, including multiple hits on social media. The PDF reports are thorough, but aren't always emailed.

It's not just businesses that need to search for people. Sometimes you may want to reconnect with an old friend, check out your child's new scout leader or even find out what information is out there about yourself. BeenVerified is a people search engine that scours public records, including social media, to find the latest posted information.

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One thing this people search service did that others did not was provide results based on near spellings of names. This can be a help if you are looking up someone whose name you'd heard, but you weren't quite sure how it was spelled. When you input a person's name, BeenVerified's results list includes locations, ages and possible relatives to help you identify the right person.

Once you've identified the correct individual, BeenVerified pulls up a complete report. In most cases, our testers found them accurate, although our divorced test subjects sometimes got more information about an ex's extended family than their own. The social media section was especially impressive, with photos, usernames and lists of friends. However, it only gives you the person's age, not the actual date of birth. In most cases, this might be enough, but other people search engines provide this information.

The social media search results are live links, so you can go directly to the person's profile page. Photos often come from social media. It lists traffic violations as well. If you need criminal records that are not digitally available, BeenVerified offers a court runner service.

To get started, there is a search bar on the home page. You can search by first and last name. It allows you to add a state to narrow the search. If you purchase the service, though, you can log in for multiple searches. It keeps record of past searches and allows you to download PDFs. It also sends them to you, but a few times in our testing, we had to request the report more than once before we received it. This people search engine also includes phone and email address search.

BeenVerified's website has a list of do's and don'ts to guide you in how to use the information. It also has FAQs and support options that include phone and email. If you want your own profile removed from BeenVerified's records, opt-out instructions are included in the FAQs. Phone support is available during extended business hours and weekends. It offers a trial version or a monthly subscription, with discounts for multiple months. Canceling is easy.


BeenVerified is a useful people search engine, especially for social media. It can find contact information, education, relatives, criminal records and more. It offers a court runner service for criminal records. However, it should only be used for personal tasks, like finding friends or checking out someone, for a social rather than employment or business purpose.

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