Pros / You can start a people search easily on the homepage.

Cons / The accuracy score is the lowest we’ve seen, and the variety of information is limited.

 Verdict / People Search Now gives you many ways to search for a person, but the results proved unreliable in our testing.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current People Search Services here.

People Search Now makes it easy for you to start a search on its website but its results are much less impressive than those of the best people search services we reviewed.

We conducted several searches on People Search Now’s website and received many hits of people who didn’t quite fit who we were looking for. We added middle names and ages to help narrow the results, but we still couldn’t find some people in our test pool. Even after purchasing a report on one of our test subjects, we received a completely blank report. Meanwhile, some of our test searches turned up the right person and a full report included several past addresses and phone numbers. However, in one case the relatives listed were not all correct, and the address and phone number listed were very dated – 10 years old.

It’s very easy to start a search for people on People Search Now’s website. After the initial search, in which you can include a first name, last name, city and state, you have the opportunity to narrow results in order to find exactly who you’re looking for. Like the best people search services, People Search Now returns hits with known locations, approximate age and possible relatives. All of this information helps you track down the right person.

In case the information you receive from People Search Now isn’t enough, you can choose to run a background check instead, for an extra cost. The company also makes it easy to cancel your membership without penalty to you. If you would like to have your own information blocked, you will need to fill out People Search Now’s opt-out request form, print it and then mail it to the address the company provides.

The help center on People Search Now’s website includes a FAQs section with a limited number of questions, and most of the information is about the company rather than how to use its services. If you do have a question, your best bet is to call or email the customer support team.

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People Search Now gives you the basic information on a person, which is usually enough to make contact, or at least provide you a good starting point. However, it can't compare to the best people finders because in our testing the service returned a lot of missing and incorrect information.

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