Pros / You get a lot of different information on the preview page.

Cons / The hits aren't always correct, and in some cases, the service won't find people at all.

 Verdict / PeopleSmart gives you a lot of information to help you identify a person, which may be all you need for your search, but it may not find everyone you search for.

Editor's Note: This product has been removed from our lineup because it has merged with BeenVerified. To learn more about that service, please read our BeenVerified review.

PeopleSmart offers more free information on a person than any other paid service, but it doesn't give it all up without a fee. We consider it among the best people search services because the information it offers is uncommon compared to other people finders, and it is very easy to start a search.

When you run a search for an individual on PeopleSmart's website, it returns a page of names, ages, cities, states and possible family members. Once you choose the one you believe is the correct person from the list, the people locator gives you full addresses and phone numbers associated with the person. For a full report, you have to purchase a monthly subscription, which gives you access to the most current phone number and address.

If it's available, PeopleSmart gives you the dates of occupancy for each address it has on file for the person. Not every report provides full birth dates, however. Other people search services such Instant Checkmate and BeenVerified as provide full birth dates every time. In testing, this people search engine found most of the people we looked for, and most of the information was accurate. However, in one case, we searched for a person using three different locations, and the service was still unable to track that subject down.

All you need to conduct a search for a person on PeopleSmart's website is a name. Adding a city and state helps it pinpoint a person more easily. You can't search by age using only a number, but you can enter a date of birth and a margin of error instead. Starting a search is easy because PeopleSmart put its search bar at the center of its homepage.

If you purchase a monthly membership, you can run an unlimited number of searches. You can cancel at any time and not suffer any consequences after your last paid month. PeopleSmart makes it easy for you to manage your personal details on its website, so you can choose whether a person can find you through PeopleSmart.

You can find some answers to questions you may have in PeopleSmart's help center or FAQs section. You'll also have to go there to find the phone number for customer service if you need to talk to a customer service representative. Otherwise, you can email the customer support team through PeopleSmart's online form.

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PeopleSmart is a solid choice in people finders. In spite of its less-than-perfect accuracy, the amount of detail it can provide from a search is impressive. In addition to the amount of information it presents you with on preview screens, the company also offers several different types of information.

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