Pros / This people search engine lets you remove erroneous information from your own profile.

Cons / In testing, it picked up wrong names with associated information that was incorrect.

 Verdict / TruthFinder's people search engine can find a wealth of information, especially in social media, but the results were either very accurate or merely mediocre.

TruthFinder is a people search engine that not only helps you find contact information for a person you're searching for but also his or her employment, education and a range of social media information, from actual profiles to mentions. It's one of the few services that lets you note erroneous information on your own profile. In our evaluation of TruthFinder, we found it can be hit or miss as far as the information you find, and you may have to deal with extra pop-ups.

This people search service lets you seek someone based on name and state, or you can select all states. It will show the results, along with the person's age and relatives to help you narrow your search. This can help if you are looking for someone with a common name. Once you select the person, it pulls up the information. It can take a minute or two, especially if the individual is in the public arena. We were especially impressed with the amount of social media information it presented.

In our testing, however, we found that the accuracy of the results was either in the 90s – a very high figure for people search engines – or in the 50s, which is mediocre. We got more consistent results from Intelius and US Search. The profiles of people who were divorced often turned up more information about their ex's families than their own. In one case, the person was confused with someone else, and their profile had a criminal record attached.

This is a good service for searching for your own name, because it allows you to flag erroneous information for removal. If you want your entire profile removed from TruthFinder, you can request to have your profile removed. Of course, this does not remove you from public records – just TruthFinder's system.

You can get a five-day trial version or a monthly subscription. We had to deal with multiple pop-ups encouraging us to upgrade to the premium accounts. There are FAQs and a Dos and Don'ts section. You can call 24/7 if you cannot find answers to your questions online.

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TruthFinder is a reasonably good to very good people search engine. When it was accurate, it was very accurate, but at times, it missed important personal information. It allows you to search yourself and flag erroneous information, which is a plus, and you can ask to have your profile removed completely.

TruthFinder One Month Basic Plan Visit Site

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