Pros / You can include more personal details in an initial search than with other search services.

Cons / The service didn’t find everyone we searched for, and it didn’t always have accurate results.

 Verdict / Veromi makes it simple to start a search for people directly from its homepage, but it too often returned inaccurate results, or none at all.

Veromi gives you several options for finding people on its homepage, and if a simple people search engine isn’t enough information, the company gives you other options for digging deeper. However, in our testing, Veromi wasn’t able to provide accurate results for everyone, and in some cases, it wasn’t able to find the people we searched for at all. US Search and PeopleFinders were far more accurate.

This people finder allows you to generate an unlimited number of reports per month. The reports include all the usual information – name variations and aliases, addresses, maiden name, date of birth, relatives and associates. In some cases, it gave an impressively long list of possible roommates and associates, but not all of them were accurate. A couple of people we found with other people search engines did not show up on Veromi’s.

Veromi excels in its offering of several search options. You can search with one piece of information only, if that’s all you have, but this people search engine allows you to input many pieces of information to narrow your search – a big help if you are looking for John Smith of Chicago. You can also search for people by first name, last name, maiden name or approximate age and location. It allows you to search by email address but not social media name. On the preview page, you can see the relatives or people associated with the person you’re looking for to help you determine whether you have the right person.

Canceling with Veromi is easy. The company, like most people search services, will keep your information on file in case you want to purchase another report. Veromi will allow you to block your information from showing up on the company’s website, but you must submit your request by mail and include all of your personal information, including former addresses for the past 20 years.

The FAQs section isn’t as user-friendly as others. It's not searchable, so you will have to scroll through the questions and answers to find what you need, but it does answer most questions. If you’re still in the dark after browsing the help section, you can email Veromi’s customer support team through a form on its website. This people search company does not offer any live support by phone or chat.


The company’s vast number of search options can help put you on the right track with your search. When Veromi gets a successful hit, you receive a lot of useful information for finding the person you’re looking for, but too often, as we found in our testing, it ended up with a swing and a miss.

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