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CrashPlan Business Review

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PROS / CrashPlan Pro saves as many versions of a file as you need.

CONS / This provider does not allow you to ship it data for upload.

 VERDICT / CrashPlan Pro does not allow you to edit directly in the cloud, but its unlimited plans make it a good option for companies that have a lot of data to store.

Storing your data with CrashPlan Pro can give you peace of mind in case of a crash. It can help you fully convert to the cloud, the kind of storage that protects your information now and into the future. CrashPlan offers a wide range of plans and even offers unlimited plans so you can start with this service and stay with it regardless of how much data you accumulate.

CrashPlan Business Compare Quotes

CrashPlan doesn't allow you to ship data to it, so you are in charge of much of the initial backup. Once that is done, the ongoing backup features keep your data continuously uploading so nothing is missed. A bandwidth throttle lets you control the resources being used for backups on each connected computer. You can also set a schedule for backups and set it to operate while computers are idling. Some providers allow you to edit and save files directly into the cloud, but CrashPlan Pro is not one of them. This is a drawback and interfered with ease of use and collaboration with other users. This service saves even deleted files indefinitely and saves as many versions as you like.

This business cloud storage provider is not the most impressive in terms of security; other companies do more to ensure there are no risks. Other providers offer redundant storage, but CrashPlan does not. With CrashPlan, you can set your own encryption key, which means CrashPlan employees can never access your data.

CrashPlan allows you to keep track of files being backed up from your smartphone with apps for Android or iPhone, and you can access your CrashPlan files on any computer with a subscription. All mobile access is password protected. CrashPlan's enterprise plans offer the best branding capabilities, but the Pro plans do not. You don't have white-label interfaces and email notifications for small businesses with this provider.


CrashPlan lacks some of the branding and security features that we prefer to see, but this business cloud storage service has an impressive clientele and useful features. With this cloud service, you can keep an unlimited number of file versions, and it keeps deleted files forever. Also, with access to unlimited storage, this provider can grow with your company.

CrashPlan Business Compare Quotes