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Egnyte Business Compare Quotes

Pros / Data is encrypted twice for extra security.

Cons / This cloud service does not provide live chat.

 Verdict / Egnyte does not back up your external drives and lacks a few minor conveniences, but it has great collaboration and security features.

Egnyte takes a unique approach to cloud business solutions that we think could be very useful. It provides a hybrid of local and cloud services so you get the benefits of both – the speed of local storage and the easy access of the cloud. This two-tiered approach is convenient because you maintain access no matter what happens. If your internet connection goes down, you can get files locally. If the local server goes down, you can still access files from the cloud.

Egnyte's business cloud service plans accommodate up to 10TB, which covers up to 25 users on one account. While the business plan is not unlimited, we found that 10 TB of data was more than enough to cover a small business's storage needs. Pricing is competitive, so if your data is likely to stay below 10TB, Egnyte is worth your consideration. Egnyte does not back up your external drives and lacks a few minor conveniences, like the ability to edit in the cloud or access files with a right click, but most of the features we expect were there.

This cloud storage for business provider protects data even though it does not have every feature we like. Files are not encrypted at the local, machine level, as is the case with some business cloud storage providers, but Egnyte does encrypt twice. In transit, Egnyte uses 256-bit AES encryption to disguise your data. This provider also protects data at rest with AES 256-bit encryption. Also, all Egnyte servers are in facilities with 24-hour guards, biometric access and video surveillance. Servers do not have USB ports or CD drives so no one can copy data.

Egnyte stands out in the collaboration category by making it very safe and easy to share any file with any authorized user on any device. You can share files with links that can be set to expire, and every step is password protected – at folder level and sub-folder levels. Salesforce integration means that information stored with Egnyte will be updated as sales leads progress and that you can share those files even with non-Salesforce users. Egnyte also is integrated with Outlook.

Customer support from Egnyte is good. Email responses are provided 24 hours a day and come back pretty fast. You can also call service during business hours.


This business cloud storage provider does not offer unlimited plans, but many businesses will not need to exceed the 10TB plans offered by Egnyte, and in most other important ways, this is an excellent provider, especially when it comes to collaboration. The ability to share files is one of the benefits of converting to cloud storage, and Egnyte makes it safe and easy.

Egnyte Business Compare Quotes