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Pros / Unlimited storage space offers room for expansion.

Cons / You don't have the option of controlling your own encryption key.

 Verdict / JustCloud does not offer every backup feature we were looking for, but this provider fosters collaboration and is good in most other ways.

JustCloud, our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, has a good combination of features to help you convert to business cloud storage and stop relying on tapes or other outdated methods to store your company's data.

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One of the first things you will notice is that JustCloud can accommodate any storage needs. Business plans start at 100GB but can be expanded to unlimited amounts of space. This cloud backup for business solution can grow with your business. However, there is a 10GB file size restriction when you try to upload large amounts of data at once.


After the initial backup process, you get to set up subsequent saves with JustCloud. You can schedule automated backups that can take place while your computers are idling. You can also designate how much bandwidth you want to dedicate to the backup process. JustCloud offers server backup for added peace of mind. JustCloud uses deduplication technology to conserve resources. That means that a unique piece of data is stored only one time, even if you save it multiple times.

There is no way to ship JustCloud large amounts of data for initial backup, and that is a drawback, but only at the beginning of the process. JustCloud is based in England, so having the ability to mail your data for initial backup would only be convenient for certain customers anyway.

Security & Collaboration

JustCloud protects your data with 256-bit SSL encryption in transit and at rest in its data centers. The data centers are temperature controlled and monitored around the clock to ensure that your files are safe. They are supported by redundant power sources to protect against outages as well.

When you share a file stored in JustCloud with someone, you can password-protect it. That way, you can be sure the files you share will be accessible only by the intended recipient. This is not one of the services that allows you your own encryption key, which can be a drawback for some, though not everyone wants total control. If you misplace your password, it can be catastrophic.

The files you back up with JustCloud are available to you from any internet-connected device, including mobile phones. You can download files from the desktop platform and from the online dashboard. There are JustCloud apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry that allow you to access anything, from anywhere. You can also send specific files to employees and clients.

With this business backup solution, you can give each member of your team a control panel to manage the files he or she has saved with JustCloud. There is also an administrative panel that controls how much access each team member is permitted. You can designate how much storage each member can use and monitor who is changing what.

Help & Support

You can contact JustCloud by phone or email, though we did not get great response to our emailed inquiries. The website offers helpful FAQs and demos that can come in very handy.


JustCloud falls short of other cloud storage providers by not providing the option of our own encryption key and by not having more ways to ease the transition to business cloud storage. However, its collaboration features are great. With potentially unlimited storage capabilities, this cloud service can grow with your company as it advances.

JustCloud Business Compare Quotes

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