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G Suite by Google Cloud Review

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Google introduced its cloud computing service solution as Google Apps, and now it's known as G Suite by Google Cloud. This cloud-based service can be tailored for both individual users and businesses of any size. There's no single cloud cupboard, or online space, where the service stores your content. Rather, G Suite is consists of an extensive lineup of apps that function independently rather than as a collective whole. It offers rich functionality, unrivaled accessibility and loads of value, but it comes at the cost of a rather fragmented cloud experience.

Through Google's apps, you can store virtually any type of file in the cloud. Email and calendars are available through Gmail, the company's flagship app. Google Docs allows you to create, edit and collaborate on Office-style documents, including word processor docs, spreadsheets and presentations. Storing files outside of these apps gets tricky but can be done by saving files as email attachments in your Gmail. You can also sync your email, contacts and calendars in Gmail with the built-in email and calendaring applications on any mobile device.

When it comes to security, G Suite employs password protection and advanced file encryption to keep files secure. What the cloud service doesn't have is a desktop app, which is hardly surprising considering the service is based entirely in the cloud. However, this also severely limits access to your content while offline.

With G Suite, if you can get online, then you can access stored content. The cloud service enables access to its apps from the most common types of mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. You can also sign into your Google account from any computer or mobile browser.

Complexity isn't the issue with Google in terms of usability – division is. Your cloud experience with G Suite will be heavily fragmented, as the service has different products for different types of media. In practice, it isn't as complicated as it sounds, but it'd more cumbersome to manage all of your content. More importantly, you may not find all the Google apps to your liking.

G Suite delivers a true cloud experience and a lot of value for the money. It boasts unparalleled mobile access and allows you to store any type of file you want. However, the lack of seamless integration between each of its apps may hinder usability for some users.