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Microsoft OneDrive Review

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If you already use Windows 10, you probably already also use OneDrive, Microsoft's well-integrated cloud service. It was previously known as SkyDrive, and it works well for both backing up your important documents, photos and media as well as giving you easy online access to those files.

You don't have to download additional software to sync your files on your PC with the cloud service. OneDrive automatically syncs your files when something changes. And Microsoft made OneDrive available for Mac users too. It's also available for mobile devices and older versions of Windows.

OneDrive is a good choice if you just want to store files in the cloud for easy access, but it's also a good choice if you want file backup with syncing options. You can try the service out for free, but you only get 5GB free. If you subscribe to the software as a service Office 365, you get 1TB free. One of the best options of OneDrive is that you can tack on 50GB at a time for just $1.99. So, if your storage needs are low, you don't have to pay more for storage you don't need.

Unlike other cloud services, OneDrive offers a unique feature in that you can sort of create a copy of one PC on another by simply logging into your OneDrive account. It remembers your background theme, your email accounts, social sites and more.

In addition to accessing your files online through OneDrive, you can also edit those files. Users you've allowed to access files can also be allowed to edit files, and those documents are updated in real time. You get comprehensive file support with OneDrive, including email (Outlook and Hotmail), calendar and social network apps.

Another unique feature of OneDrive is that you can access files from any PC that you've installed and authorized OneDrive on – even if those files weren't added to and synced in OneDrive. The fetch feature lets you grab a file that you may have forgotten to upload or sync.

OneDrive is a cloud service that acts as both file storage and backup, but it goes even further with unique features that let you copy your PC settings at home to another PC, or grab files from folders that aren't even synced in your OneDrive folder.