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GreenGeeks Review

PROS / GreenGeeks tries to minimize its carbon footprint by using energy-efficient hardware.

CONS / The basic plan likely won’t be enough if you stream audio or video and have several users on your website at one time.

 VERDICT / This is the best web hosting service you can choose if protecting the environment is important to you.

GreenGeeks focuses on providing a variety of web hosting solutions for its customers, including shared hosting. There are several reasons we rated GreenGeeks as one of the top hosting companies out there, including its commitment to the environment.

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There are a few ways GreenGeeks is working toward eliminating its carbon footprint. Although the web host uses traditional energy resources, it does purchase wind energy credits to replenish 300 percent of the energy used. The company also uses energy-efficient hardware in its data centers.

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Hosting Package

As with almost any web hosting service that offers shared hosting, GreenGeeks offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, which means your website and business have room to grow online. Typically, the term “unlimited” implies that the hosting company does not measure or limit storage and bandwidth; however, this web host does limit computing resources, such as how many emails you can send per hour and connections made to a server.

We conducted a load test with low parameters and while the website loaded quickly, there were several server-side errors, meaning users saw errors such as “500 Server Internal Error” or “503 Service Unavailable.”

GreenGeeks allows you to stream audio or video on your website but it prohibits file sharing and archiving because it is far too taxing on a shared server. The memory limit default is 64MB, but you are able to set the limit to 256MB without incurring any surcharges. Each shared server has a max limit of total memory, so if your website uses more than the limit, GreenGeeks may slow your website’s load times or take it offline if it slows down others on the server. The company may then ask you to either optimize your website’s code or upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server.

Help & Support

Customer support at GreenGeeks is plentiful – you can contact the staff by phone, email or live chat. There are also answers to questions in the web host’s FAQs section and its knowledgebase articles. However, we found that the live chat tech support wasn’t as knowledgeable as those who answered email tickets. Identifying a broken WordPress theme took a full day and an upgrade to the second level of support. In the end, we figured out the issue ourselves.

Control Panel Options

Features in the Ecosite Starter Plan that are important to you as a small business owner or blogger who wants to own your own piece of the internet include around-the-clock customer support by email, phone and online chat. You also get free domain name registration as long as you’re a GreenGeeks customer and assurance that your favorite popular content management system is supported. You also have SSH access and cPanel management.


GreenGeeks backs up its servers and customers’ websites every day, but the company only stores backups for 48 hours. You receive one free recovery per month, but GreenGeeks charges for additional restorations.


GreenGeeks offers low prices for shared hosting and often there are discounts for new customers. We consider it one of the best web hosting services available because of its unlimited options, readily available support, and website building and management tools. However, if your website uses a lot of server resources or you have bulk email campaigns, you may run into issues with GreenGeeks.

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