Pros / The service is easy to use, and you shouldn’t have trouble navigating its control panel.

Cons / The upfront costs require a heavy investment.

 Verdict / WebHero might work for some beginners, but it's missing too many features to earn our full recommendation.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Web Hosting services.

WebHero is a small business web hosting service that appeals to beginners, with its pared-down functionality and low cost. The domain hosting service doesn’t offer a very full feature set, and its hosting package doesn’t have any unlimited capabilities; however, this helps foster the service’s overall ease of use, and WebHero may be a good option if you are seeking nothing more than basic web hosting functionality.

WebHero splits its offerings into four hosting plans. The starter plan gives you a bare-bones assortment of features as a foundation to help you get started in the web hosting world. Each plan gives you a fixed amount of bandwidth and disk space; the larger the plan, the more space and bandwidth you are allotted. Each plan also caps the number of MySQL databases and email accounts.

This web host may scare off potential customers with the startling upfront costs. You pay for a year of hosting upon signup. Added to that, the domain purchase is an additional cost and more than other services charge.

Thankfully, the process of signing up is easy. The company has you verify your account through email, and once you do, your domain and host go live immediately. The control panel is not the standard cPanel, but it's incredibly simple, and that's one of its charms. It does take a hit in terms of the features offered, but new users may not notice.

WebHero provides direct support via telephone and live chat. Our live chat experience with WebHero was frustrating. In several instances, we waited over 10 minutes to reach someone in technical support. After making us wait, it would log out and go immediately to an email screen. The web hosting service also has a user forum, but it is seldom used and many of the posts have nothing to do with WebHero or its various services. The company does provide several useful video tutorials. These are handy because they visually show you how to use features or complete certain tasks in the control panel.


WebHero provides mediocre web hosting services for individuals and small businesses. The service’s feature set is lacking, but this actually helps boost its overall usability. If you don’t need fancy features and are looking for a simple and uncomplicated web hosting service, WebHero may be worth a look.