Screen capture software can make life easier and more enjoyable; here are 11 of my favorite ways it does so: 

Screen capture software can make life easier and more enjoyable; here are 11 of my favorite ways it does so: 

  1. Improves Your Love Life

    Quickly capture your sweetheart's desktop wallpaper, add a romantic note to it and then resave. This way they can't remove your note and will always remember how much you love them.

  2. Impresses Your Friends

    You have the video game "Half-Life" and you've played the best game of your life, but there's no one around to see it. Easy, just take a screen capture of it, circle your stats and email it to your friends.

  3. Saves You Time

    You've finally found the perfect quote you've been looking for, but it's long and only available in graphic form. Don't retype it, with screen capture software you can capture text from graphics and make that quote yours in moments.

  4. Saves You Frustration

    Need a quick and easy way to explain to your computer-illiterate Aunt Marge how to work a feature in Microsoft Word or Excel? Screenshot software lets you capture drop-down and cascading menus from Windows programs, allowing you to create detailed and novice-proof directions.

  5. Gives Your Computer Flair

    Capture unique images, which you can then alter, add text and easily set as your desktop wallpaper-all from within the screen capture program.

  6. Makes You Super

    Do you want to retrieve all of the information (graphics and text) from the website you made on your favorite superheroes? With screen capture software, all you have to do is type in your URL and it will capture everything from your Spidy pics to your Justice League bios-all in a single bound.

  7. Colors Your World

    You've finally found that perfect color for your webpage or graphic, but don't know its RGB value. With screenshot software all you have to do is hover your cursor over the color and you'll know its red/green/blue values in seconds.

  8. Gives You the Whole Picture

    Your spreadsheet is extremely long, but need to show its entire length in a meeting with your boss. With screen capture software, you can capture whole documents easily, without taking multiple screenshots or manually scrolling through them.

  9. Helps You Obtain Beauty

    Found your favorite poem online, but want a better option than simply copy and pasting it into a Word document? You can capture text only with screenshot software and keep it as your own.

  10. Puts You in the Directors Chair

    Is there a video clip you've been dying to post online or simply save it to your computer? With screen capture software, making video clips is a piece of cake.

  11. Lets You Multitask

    Do you have two monitors because you love to be efficient? Then you can screen capture twice as much with screenshot software that lets you capture from multiple monitors quickly. 

So what are you waiting for, get your screen capture software and start improving your life, one capture at a time.


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