Looking for a personal gift that will draw your family members together? We've got the perfect recipe. Take your favorite family dishes and fold them into The Living Cookbook. This cookbook and recipe software is marvelous for making a professional-looking final product with very little effort.

The Living Cookbook is so incredibly detail-rich. It will organize granny's best recipes and also tell you the estimated nutritional content of each one, as well as the nutritional content of each and every ingredient. You don't have to look at that tab if you don't want to, and you certainly don't need to print nutrition information since most of us like to pretend comfort food is calorie-free anyway. We like that you have all of that information at the ready if you want it, though. This cookbook and recipe software will help you make a great family recipe book, but you also will want to use it for many other purposes for years to come.

Enter the Recipes
It all starts with uploading your favorite family recipes. There is no shortcut for that, though this cookbook and recipe software makes it as painless as possible. You just click on Create a Recipe and then work your way through the well-organized interface tabs, starting with the name of the recipe and the place you want to save it. Fill in every field you want under each tab.

There is so much room for every kind of information in these tabs. Enter as much or as little as you want about each recipe's associated procedures, tips, techniques, sources and more. You can also upload photos and even video for added instruction or to make the recipe more meaningful to family members. You can add your grandmother's photo to her favorite recipes, for example.

Just about everything is customizable for your family cookbook project   headers, footers, recipe order, fonts, sizing, color and underlining   with just a couple of clicks.

Print Perfection
You can print recipes from The Living Cookbook directly or you can export them to Microsoft Word. If you print directly you just have to select your cookbook from your list, choose Print Preview, Publication and you will be able to see what will print.

Printing a booklet is probably the best way to go for a collection of family faves. This format will print in landscape mode on both sides of the paper. After printing, you just stack pages, fold them and staple so you end up with a cookbook that is 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

To get the booklet format, first click on File, then Publish, then Publication Options, then Cookbook, then Print, then Booklet from the Collation Mode options. The Living Cookbook will tell you how many pages you will need. When one side is printed, you will then flip the sheets and feed them back through the printer.

This cookbook and recipe software takes care of all of the details. It will automatically create a table of contents and make sure that it is on an odd-numbered page, along with the chapter cover pages, just like professional cookbooks.

When you are done making your family cookbook you will have just scratched the surface of this cookbook and recipe software's capabilities. With The Living Cookbook you can organize your entire recipe collection, and use it to scale recipes to any number of servings, convert to and from metric units, copy recipes from the internet, plan your grocery shopping and much more.

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