Most adults and many children carry smartphones with them wherever they go. They place calls, send text messages, find maps to destinations and surf the internet. Android monitoring software protects smartphone users from threats like identity theft and cybercriminals and allows parents and employers to keep track of their charges.


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Just like a real-life sheriff's deputy, PhoneSheriff polices the smartphones on which you install it. As one of the best Android monitoring software options, it earns top marks in customer support and usability, both of which benefit users who have never operated Android monitoring software before. It allows you to blacklist or whitelist websites, set keyword alerts, block usage during certain times of the day, and filter text messages, among other high-end features.

PhoneSheriff connects to your online account and submits alerts via email or text message. If you want the program to alert you when your child uses a particular word, such as "alcohol," you'll receive a notification when the app detects that word. It also features a tracking function. If, for instance, your teenager disappears after school, you can activate the tracker to determine his or her precise location.


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Since mSpy works silently to monitor smartphone usage, the person whose phone you connect it with won't know it's there. As long as you follow your state's privacy laws, this works to your advantage. This monitoring software for Android allows you to install it via an app or from a computer. It tracks users' locations, text messages, phone calls and internet activity. It also allows you to wipe a phone if it gets stolen, which prevents your personal data from falling into the hands of identity thieves.

You can use the GPS tracker to verify employees' locations while they're in the field. If you employ sales professionals or technicians, for example, you might want to check whether or not they stay on the job while on company time using an Android monitoring software program. In addition to blocking websites, you can prevent the user from downloading specific apps.

Mobile Spy

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This Android monitoring app allows you to spy on connected phones' data, including browser histories and address book entries. Mobile Spy features an elegant user interface with multiple modules and clear navigation. However, it lacks some of the functionality of mSpy and PhoneSheriff. For example, you can't blacklist websites or set timers on phone use.

In addition to GPS tracking software, Mobile Spy includes SIMS tracking. If you disable the GPS, the SIMS tracking software can allow you to locate the phone in question. Its other features include deleted data retrieval and remote lock functionality. It does not, on the other hand, allow you to block specific numbers from phone calls and text messages.

Reading Android monitoring software reviews and considering your specific needs can help you choose the best monitoring software for your specific platform. Make sure to read the list of phones on which each program will work to ensure compatibility. Since the programs listed above also work with BlackBerry phones and iPhones, they make excellent choices for situations where you're dealing with multiple devices.

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