Internet Filter Software for Home Computer Safety

Best Internet Filter Software for Home Computer Safety

The internet provides a wealth of information that is accessible with just the click of a button, but along with the useful is a plethora of unwanted, and sometimes dangerous, content. Children almost seem to be born with a basic and natural understanding of technology, but unlike their parents, they don't often know what sites they should and shouldn't visit on the internet. TopTenREVIEWS has just released its review of the best internet filter software to prevent scammers, identity thieves and those who want to sexually exploit children from preying on your kids.

 The internet is a great tool that provides so much to society,  said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor at TopTenREVIEWS.  But along with all the good is an equal amount of bad. Parents need to understand the dangers and also how to protect their families. Internet filter software provides protection against inappropriate websites and gives parents peace of mind as their children venture out into the big online world. 

The Top 3:

1. Net Nanny Parental Controls 6.5: Just as parents would hire a nanny to watch their children while they are away, it is important to ensure the same amount of safety while children are online. Net Nanny provides remote reporting and management, which allows parents to access the activity log on their home computers from any device with internet access. Parents can customize the filters in specific areas and receive notifications when objectionable sites are accessed.

2. McAfee Safe Eyes 6: Safe Eyes has a mission of not only providing families with protection on their home computers, but on their mobile devices as well. Beyond that, the company focuses on educating children and parents about internet safety. The software even includes usage timers to prevent children from spending too much time on the internet, especially late at night.

3. McAfee Family Protection 2.0: With a wide range of filtering options, Family Protection puts worried parents at ease with its customizable software. Not only does it provide a watchful eye on websites visited, but it also filters music, instant messaging, social networking and games. The software will even provide a list of sent and received emails and allow parents to control permitted email recipients.

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What Makes Top-Notch Internet Filter Software?

While software can never replace an attentive parent, it's difficult for every busy mother and father to sit next to each child while they surf the internet. Internet filter software gives parents a helping hand and puts them at ease knowing their children are safe while using the internet.

Feature Set: Internet filter software should provide parents with customizable control sets in several areas. The software should include default controls and filter categories from which parents can choose. Along with strong filters, the ability to receive notifications and view activity history are musts.

Ease of Use: Internet filtering software should provide parents with all the information they need to know about their children's internet usage, without requiring them to learn to use difficult software. It should be simple and intuitive.

Ease of Installation: Just as ease of use is necessary, so is ease of installation. It's also important for parents to be able to access the filter controls from any computer with an internet connection.

Filtering Effectiveness: Filtering software should provide parents with enough controls to block or limit access to inappropriate sites, and it should also provide a report of internet activity.

Parents can't always be with their children, but they should be able to protect them while they are away. Internet filtering software provides parents with the necessary protection to keep their family safe online. It prevents unnecessary exposure to inappropriate sites and content, which can put busy parents at ease.

More product reviews can be found at TopTenREVIEWS.

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