Japan is known around the world for its unique culture and history as well as its technological advancements, art and language. Learning the beautiful language of Japan can be a challenge, but by using learn Japanese software, anyone can learn how to speak Japanese, regardless if you have never tried or if you have taken a class before and just want to brush up on your skills. With these programs, you can learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, on a walk or even on the drive into work.

Language learning software is a great option for people who have a hard time learning from books or don't have time to attend a class. The interactive activities and lessons allow you to be engaged in the learning process through images, audio and even video. On this website, you'll find reviews of the best learn Japanese software like Rosetta Stone Japanese and Human Japanese, as well as articles about Japan's language, culture and history.

Learn Japanese Software: What to Look For

If you want to learn a language well, you need a program that covers the fundamentals and provides the best teaching tools to help you learn effectively. Without these elements, your understanding and ability to communicate in Japanese can be hindered. As you look for the best learn Japanese software, take into consideration the following points:

Reading, writing and vocabulary are the basic building blocks of understanding any language. The best learn Japanese software provides instruction in these categories as well as help with pronunciation and the three different Japanese alphabets: hiragana, katakana and kanji. Look for software that offers advanced instruction levels so you can progress beyond the beginner level.

Teaching Tools
The tools a program uses to teach you Japanese are an important factor to consider when selecting a program. Look for software that uses images, audio and video to present the lessons. Tests, quizzes, flashcards and games are additional tools that can help you succeed at learning how to speak Japanese. Cultural lessons can be an invaluable tool to help you understand the unique characteristics and daily life of the Japanese people. Speech recognition and online conversation practice are additional helpful tools to work on your pronunciation and comprehension.

Additional Features
The best learn Japanese programs offer personalized progress tracking to help you keep track as you progress through their courses. This feature can be invaluable to students as it gives you a visualization of what your strengths and weaknesses are and where you left off. Other additional features that can help accelerate your learning are translation tools and built-in dictionaries to help you decipher the Japanese language. Mobile audio files allow you to take lessons on the road with you as CDs or digital audio files.

Help & Support
The companies that develop and sell the software need to provide adequate support in case you have questions or problems with your program. Look for a company that provides FAQs with answers to simple questions and email and phone support for more significant problems.

No matter what kind of learning style you have, a Japanese language program can work for you. Take into consideration our rating criteria as you read our reviews about the best lean Japanese software and Gambatte kudasai! (good luck/go for it!)

Rosetta Stone Japanese 

Learning Japanese can be quite intimidating. However, Rosetta Stone Japanese, helps you learn to converse, whether you are ordering at a restaurant, touring Japan or just trying to enrich your life with another language.

Rosetta Stone has provided language programs for over 20 years, helping people all over the world learn with its interactive lessons and language immersion method. These Japanese lessons use intuitive image-word association techniques instead of having you memorize long lists of vocabulary and grammar rules.

Rosetta Stone Japanese uses a mix of images and voice clips from native speakers to teach vocabulary. This method isn't anything to be scared of, and you will retain the meanings better and learn faster as you associate the words you hear with the images you see on the screen. The built-in speech recognition system lets you practice your pronunciation and compare it against a native speaker's pronunciation.

The core lessons include a few grammar exercises, but it is disappointing that this software does not include in-depth grammar explanations to help you fully grasp grammar fundamentals. In addition to the audio and image exercises, Rosetta Stone Japanese displays Japanese words in hiragana and kanji during the lessons. This helps you get used to seeing the Japanese alphabet so you can recognize words when you read a book, menu or sign.

Rosetta Stone offers three levels of Japanese language learning, and you can purchase all three levels together or separately, in digital or DVD format. Overall, it is one of the more expensive language programs, but the quality tools Rosetta Stone employs make it one of the best learn Japanese software programs available.

Rosetta Stone includes nearly all the teaching tools we look for in the best Japanese learning software. As you progress through the lessons, you learn how to speak without a script and build your vocabulary by matching words with pictures, practicing with flashcards and fun word games. Each exercise has a simple set of options, and you can easily return to the main menu at any point.

Rosetta Stone Japanese includes a three-month membership to TOTALe, a website where you can take personal lessons with an online tutor, play interactive games and participate with student communities. There is an additional fee to continue beyond the three months, but the core course is always accessible to you.

The speech recognition exercises of this Japanese software help you improve your pronunciation by recording you speaking phrases, then analyzing them against a native speaker. This is a great way to practice what you're learning and get immediate feedback about your comprehension and accent.

Rosetta Stone Japanese is an easy program to use and navigate. The software has an excellent progress-tracking feature. It compiles records of your performance on one screen, allowing you to easily see what you have completed and how well you have done. This is a great way to identify where you need the most practice. Rosetta Stone also gives you full control of which lessons you do and in what order. Unfortunately, Rosetta Stone Japanese does not include a built-in dictionary or translation tool.

The software comes with a headset and microphone so you can participate online and complete the pronunciation activities. Rosetta Stone provides mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and you can also use the audio companion to download lessons onto your MP3 player. These mobile options are a great way to take the learning with you wherever you go.

Rosetta Stone provides excellent support for its Japanese learning software. The user manual and FAQs answer most questions you will have, and customer service is responsive to emails and phone calls. The software works on both Mac and PC computers, and you can install it on up to two computers with as many as five unique users.

It doesn't have to be hard to learn Japanese, and Rosetta Stone Japanese proves it. This software is well worth the price because it makes the learning process so simple and intuitive. It gives you an easy way to learn the language without the stress of a classroom, and you can work at your own pace and have fun with fellow students online.

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Human Japanese

While many learn Japanese language programs focus on speaking the language, they often neglect grammar instruction or cultural insights. Human Japanese, is a versatile program that not only offers speaking instruction but also provides informative cultural and grammar lessons and detailed writing tutorials.

Human Japanese has two levels to choose from, basic and intermediate. The basic level is perfect for students who have had little or no experience with the language or just need a refresher.

This software breaks down the concepts of the Japanese language, making it seem as if a tutor is sitting next to you. The beginning level program has over 40 chapters, with topics ranging from pronunciation, weather and the character sets for hiragana and katakana to foods and phrases for greetings and common questions used in everyday conversations.

One of the best tools of this learn Japanese software is the animated character feature that demonstrates stroke by stroke how to write the characters in hiragana, katakana and kanji. Human Japanese doesn't stop there with the writing instruction, as it includes helpful hints and explanations for why some characters are written a certain way or include an extra mark.

Intermixed between the grammar and vocabulary instruction are cultural lessons that focus on the idiosyncrasies of daily life in Japan such as trains, food prices and regional geography. The culture lessons are extremely helpful for students who plan on living in Japan and for those who simply want greater insight into why the Japanese people do the things they do.

Each phrase or word you learn with Human Japanese has an audio file with a native speaker pronouncing it. You can also click on the phrase to open a breakdown of the sentence structure, complete with grammatical explanation. This software does not allow you to record and compare your pronunciation with the audio files.

As you progress through the Japanese lessons, you are presented with a quiz at the end of each chapter that unlocks the next section. If you don't want to wait, you can choose to unlock all the chapters and bounce around to the topics you want to learn about.

You can practice your character recognition with a memory game where you flip tiles over and match a hiragana symbol to its sound typed out in roman characters.

Human Japanese tracks your progress, showing you what sections and quizzes you have completed, and includes a rating system between one and five stars to show how well you did. This learn Japanese software is compatible with nearly every device and computer operating system. There is a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, you have to purchase Human Japanese for each device you want to learn on. But because the program is low cost compared to other ranked products, it is affordable to get one for your home computer and the app for learning on the go. Fortunately, you can have multiple user profiles on the same device, which is good news for people who want to learn together but may have different learning speeds.

If you need help with the software, you can consult the short FAQs list or email the developers and wait for a reply. Human Japanese has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter and maintains an informative blog. The Human Japanese blog is full of colorful pictures of various places in Japan, cultural articles and program-update news.

Human Japanese is a great resource for learning how to speak Japanese and offers quality instruction for beginners and intermediate students. This software offers great insights into the unique culture and writing of Japan. Because it offers more than just a speaking curriculum, Human Japanese is one of the best Japanese learning software available.

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Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese

The Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier program is an amalgam of the Learn Chinese Now and Learn Japanese Now software from Berlitz. This learn Japanese software offers an interactive language learning experience and provides affordable Japanese lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. It includes Mandarin lessons as well, but this neither aid nor detract from the Japanese lessons.

This Japanese teaching software has many of the same tools that you’ll find in most Japanese Learning Suites; the only difference is the learning curve at the start, which seems to be a little steep for a beginner. This can be seen as a bonus, however, because it forces you to give your all to the process of learning Japanese. Its video lessons have native speakers and personnel, allowing you to get an even better feel of correct culture and pronunciations. The vocabulary tools and word recognition activities are numerous and thorough, with a large arsenal of words to back you up in your learning process.

While learning with this program, you will find yourself learning topics necessary in everyday life. These topics include things such as travel terms, numbers, money management, meetings and greetings, and asking for directions. After completing the program, you will find yourself able to immerse yourself into Japanese culture without feeling like a complete outsider.

Learn It Now makes it easy to perfect your accent by playing interactive games, which help you not only recognize advanced Japanese speech and correct pronunciation but to have fun while doing it. This program contains an array of interactive games to help you retain vocabulary in a more effective way than simply reading flashcards would.

One of the most prominent downsides to this language-learning program is the fact that it does not include resources for teaching the Japanese alphabets effectively. All instruction is done in Romaji, which is the language converted into the Roman alphabet. This means that while you’ll be able to speak well, you probably won’t be able to read it.

On the positive side, Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier is more mobile than most other Japanese learning software applications. It comes with access to a mobile app for your iPad or iPhone. When coupled with the mobile audio lessons, which can be transferred to any iPod or MP3 player, this software has the capacity to go anywhere you do. If you need to learn Japanese while traveling, this is one of the best choices.

Learn It Now Chinese & Japanese Premier is a great program to use if you want to learn how to speak Japanese. The interactive Japanese lessons are fun to complete, and the ability to take the lessons with you is a great bonus. While adding Mandarin into the mix allows you to get more for your money, it really doesn’t add any value to the Japanese lessons. In the end, however, this software works well for basic Japanese language instruction.

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Rocket Languages Japanese

While many programs teach you how to speak Japanese, Rocket Japanese Premium goes a step further with their lessons to help increase listening comprehension and reading and writing skills. This learn Japanese software utilizes various teaching methods to help you learn in the best ways possible.

The program is divided into four main sections with interactive audio lessons, language and culture forming the central core. The other two sections focus on writing in the three Japanese alphabets, hiragana, katakana and kanji, as well as fun games to test your knowledge.

The audio course is broken up into 32 lessons that focus on conversational Japanese you can use in real-life situations. As you progress through these lessons, native Japanese speakers guide you as you start from the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary basics to common phrases and sentence structure.

Rocket Japanese Premium uses Rocket Record, a voice-recording and playback system in their software to help you practice your Japanese pronunciation. When you use Rocket Record, you hear a native speaker pronounce words and phrases, then you use your computer's microphone to record your attempt and compare it to the tutor's accent.

This Japanese teaching software includes a handy, personal-progress, tracking system to help you keep track of what activities and sections you have completed. The My Dashboard page shows all your personal progress and recommends a study plan based on your successes and weaknesses. While this is a helpful feature, you can always skip around to whatever subject you want to study so you don't feel restricted by the program's recommendations.

Rocket Japanese Premium is available in three levels of difficulty, with each level requiring a separate purchase. You can choose between a physical package that includes 20 CDs with the audio lessons and printed lesson material or a digital version. Regardless of the version you purchase, you will need to have an internet connection to access the progress tracking function, quizzes and games.

Rocket Japanese has an app available for iOS and Android devices that includes nearly all the same functions found in the software such as access to the audio lessons, vocabulary lists and tests. The app is a great way to study while waiting for the bus, on the train or anywhere you want.

One of the most helpful features of Rocket Languages is their user forums. You can ask questions, peruse replies to other students' questions and interact with the Rocket Language tutors and fellow students at any time from any internet connected device. This is a great way to interact with other students and helps you not to feel so alone in your learning.

Rocket Japanese Premium is a great way to learn how to speak Japanese and the writing instruction is among the best available. If you are looking for quality Japanese language instruction, this learn Japanese software can help you become fluent in Japanese fairly quickly if you are willing to purchase the advanced levels.

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Instant Immersion Japanese

Instant Immersion Japanese is affordable Japanese learning software that makes Japanese lessons fun through interactive lessons. Instant Immersion teaches using flashcards, audio clips, images and video, offering a good education for all learning styles. This program allows you to choose what you want to learn and when, and does not constrict learning to a static format.

Instant Immersion teaches all the fundamentals of Japanese, though the learning curve is pretty steep at first. It does most of the teaching through images, audio of native speakers and the speech recognition system. However, it adds in some video with narration in Japanese, which is nice for breaking up the routine. Instant Immersion also has quizzes and games at the end of each disc so you can see where you stand before moving on to the next level.

While it uses images and voice clips to teach vocabulary, the program relies heavily on grammar text for teaching how to use the words within a sentence. You practice conversation and pronunciation through the Instant Immersion speech recognition program, which is useful, but not as accurate with Japanese as it is with other language versions of

Instant Immersion. While this software helps you learn how to speak Japanese, it does not offer much instruction on how to write or read hiragana, katana or kanji.
Instant Immersion is broken down into three levels, with two discs per level. In the first level, you learn the basics of the Japanese language. Learning to read and say simple words, as well as their plural forms, gets your education off to a smooth start.

The second level focuses on common phrases such as "Where is the bathroom?", "How much does this cost?" and "Where is the bus stop?" This level also implements dialogue practice accompanied by in-program teachers. This section, although helpful, doesn't really teach; rather, it focuses on common questions and answers you might encounter as a tourist.

The third level is like a more advanced level two, with harder phrases and dialogue. Instant Immersion comes with three bonus discs, which include a DVD game to be played on a TV, an audio disk with lessons you can transfer onto an iPod or MP3 player, and a computer game that asks you to solve a mystery using only your recently acquired language.

Instant Immersion has a great progress-tracking system that allows you to see which areas of your Japanese language education are strongest and which need more help. You can also customize your learning regimen in any way you want, but this also means there is very little structure regarding where to start.

While the Japanese lessons are effective and fun, this program lacks the option to chat online with native speakers. While some of the activities include native speaking instructors in the audio and video clips, this is not as effective as chatting with a real person.

Instant Immersion is a relatively easy program to use, although it can take some time to figure out which disc to use. It is easy to install, and you get started with your first lesson within five minutes of opening the box.

Instant Immersion Japanese is a great alternative to the more expensive programs available and has most of the features you'd find in the best learn Japanese software. If you want to get a good start to learning this beautiful language without yet learning to read and write the symbols, Instant Immersion Japanese is a great choice.

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Speak Japanese

Speak Japanese, by LinguaShop, is Japanese learning software that tries to be an interactive learning resource but ends up just rehashing Japanese textbooks. While this program does not include as many features as our other ranked programs, it does include a speech recognition system and Japanese lessons that focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. It presents the lessons more or less in a textbook fashion, and even though there are audio clips to illustrate words, most of the course, especially the grammar lessons, isn't especially engaging.

This software has 10 levels of grammar and vocabulary exercises that increase in difficulty as you progress. The dictionary included in the software has thousands of words and phrases that you can bring up at any time during your exercises. However, it isn't as complete as the ones in other programs in our lineup, and it doesn't offer much help with the three Japanese alphabets.

Speak Japanese can play an audio file of a word from the in-program dictionary, allowing you to hear how to pronounce it and to make sure you are speaking accurately. This program teaches you how to correctly speak Japanese by showing you how to use verbs and explaining common expressions. It explains sentence structure as well.

One of the best parts of Speak Japanese is the stories section. With this activity, you are presented with a short story that is missing a few keywords. As you read the story, you have to insert the appropriate words into the tale from a list, helping you learn words and grammar in context.

The speech recognition feature allows you to practice pronunciation and get immediate feedback. The program shows and pronounces a word, then you repeat it. It records your voice as you say the word, which allows it to compare your pronunciation with that of the original version. By doing so, it can show you where you made mistakes. The speech recognition isn't quite as accurate as that of some higher-ranked programs, but it is still useful for gauging your progress.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using this program is that the interface and menus are outdated. Unlike in many of the higher-ranking programs, there are no interactive exercises or videos with native speakers where you can have virtual conversations. This can be problematic once you do try having a Japanese conversation, as you have had no real practice.

This software is easy to use, but that's mostly because it is a simple program. The help section usually has the information you need, but if you don't find what you are looking for, you can contact the company. You can reach the technical support by telephone (the only numbers available are from Germany and Canada), or by email.

Speak Japanese is a very basic program, offering a good foundation to learn Japanese. Unfortunately, it isn't as comprehensive as most of the higher-ranking programs. It does not offer the wide vocabulary and writing selections that many of the others do. If you want fluency, consider trying one of the products we ranked higher.

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Declan Japanese Flashcards

Declan Japanese Flashcards is a great way to practice your Japanese, but it isn't a complete Japanese learning software program. The basis of the software is audio clips of native speakers coupled with vocabulary flashcards to help you learn and retain the words. While the flashcards are a useful way to learn Japanese vocabulary, the downside to this program is that it doesn't help you learn Japanese grammar or how to speak Japanese in a conversation.

Declan Japanese Flashcards is easy to use, and it has a few additional exercises to choose from, including a series of multiple-choice quizzes, word searches and matching exercises. The audio clips for each word can help you with listening comprehension and pronunciation. The software doesn't get any more complicated than that. There are no images, videos or culture lessons. But what it does, it does well, and you can improve your Japanese vocabulary easily with Declan Flashcards.

This program includes over 4,000 Japanese words and expressions that are accessible through word files. You can create your own word files and download additional word files from the flashcard website. The word files come in an array of subjects, including numbers, verbs and expressions.

Once you open a word file, the current word is displayed in three different ways: in the original Japanese, the Japanese pronunciation in hiragana and, finally, the meaning in English. You can also play a sound file to hear how the word is pronounced. The only problem with this feature is that the recorded voice mumbles somewhat and you have to listen to the word or phrase more than once to understand it.

This learn Japanese software uses three different tests to help you recognize where your weakest and strongest aspects are. The first way is with the English version displayed at the top and multiple choices of the correct Japanese translation written in Hiragana. The second is the Kanji and Kana multiple-choice selection, which displays the Japanese word written in Japanese, and you select the correct English translation. The third test is a listening test where you hear a Japanese word and select the correct English translation.

The help section is very straightforward and can help you with nearly any question you can think of, from getting started with the program to how to add more word files. The layout of the help screen is in a FAQs format, but if you don't find the answer to your question there, you can go on the website and contact customer support.

Because of its specialized flashcard setup, Declan Japanese Flashcards will never be a complete learning experience. However, it is an excellent way to supplement a Japanese class because it allows you to practice your vocabulary quickly. You won't get fluent with Declan Flashcards alone, but it makes an invaluable aid for your word recognition and retention.

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TalkNow Japanese

TalkNow Japanese is easy-to-use Japanese software that tries to be a complete language program but only comes across as a glorified flashcard program. TalkNow is really just for the beginning learner who does not want to go beyond a basic comprehension of the language. The Japanese lessons teach you words, but because it is designed similarly to a flashcard program, TalkNow Japanese does not teach grammar. This can be confusing at times because you will know the vocabulary, but not exactly how to put it into a sentence.

TalkNow, by Eurotalk, teaches beginning vocabulary from various topics by showing images that correspond with audio clips. Once you feel like you've learned them well, you can complete a set of quizzes to test your knowledge. TalkNow uses reward points as an incentive, but it's never really clear what the reward is for getting points.

TalkNow is great Japanese learning software if you only want to learn key phrases or vocabulary words. The program gives you easy-to-reach goals, helping you learn at a steady pace. It also features audio clips with images of certain words that allow you to practice both vocabulary and listening comprehension.

You can also record your own voice with a connected microphone and compare your pronunciation with that of the native speakers in the program. Unlike many of the higher-ranked programs, TalkNow does not include graphs or signals that tell you where to put emphasis in a certain word; you just have to listen to how the program pronounces it.

One of the biggest features missing from this program is lessons on Japanese writing. The displayed words are written only in roman lettering, so if you want to learn how to read Hiragana or any of the other Japanese alphabets, you would be better off with different software.

TalkNow Japanese uses quizzes to help you track your progress and see which words you are having trouble with. For the quizzes, you can either hear a word and choose the picture of that word or choose the translation. When you have completed some of the quizzes, you can also play the memory game that allows you to further test your knowledge, though the memory games are ultimately the same as the flashcard-like lessons of the main program.

You'll never get fluent using only TalkNow Japanese, but it makes a good practice tool if you are already studying Japanese, or simply want a basic understanding of the language. Its activities are fun and helpful, but if you are looking for learn Japanese software to help you eventually become fluent in the language, you will want to make another choice.

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Pimsleur Japanese 1

If you are planning on visiting Japan in the near future and want to be able to hold actual conversations, the Pimsleur Japanese 1-3 courses provide some of the best Japanese audio lessons. There are 45 hours of audio instruction between all three levels of this language learning program that are available as MP3 audio files or on CD, making this software perfect for Japanese learners on the go.

The Pimsleur method focuses on auditory learning, so if you are looking for learn Japanese software that includes flash cards, videos or interactive games, you will have to look elsewhere. Even though Pimsleur Japanese does not include these additional teaching tools, it is still an effective language-learning program. From the first lesson, you are immersed into real life conversations, with each lesson focusing on helping you to hear, speak and retain the information you are presented.

An English-speaking narrator guides you through each lesson as a native speaker repeats the phrases. Each course takes a month to complete, as Pimsleur recommends that you only do one lesson per day for thirty minutes at a time. You can repeat the lessons or skip around at any time you want, but sticking with the outlined lessons will get you the best results.

You can purchase each course separately or in a bundle. Each course includes 30 Japanese lessons and can be downloaded to your PC, Mac or mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device. The digital lessons are accessed through the Pimsleur Course Manager App, a specialized app that creates a library of all the lessons in every language you have purchased. Cultural notes are also included with this learn Japanese software as a PDF or audio file. These cultural notes are a fun way to gain insight into the unique culture and people of this island nation.

While Pimsleur excels at auditory learning, it does neglect to include standard grammar and writing instruction. This means that while you are able to converse in Japanese, you will not be able to read characters on signs, websites and other displays by using Pimsleur alone.

If you ever have questions or problems using the audio lessons Pimsleur offers, you can get support by phone or email. All Pimsleur Japanese courses come with a 90-day money back guarantee, and you can visit the Pimsleur Facebook page and read interesting articles and language facts on their official blog.

Pimsleur Japanese 1-3 is a great way to learn how to speak Japanese, especially if you are an auditory learner. Being able to download the lessons to your MP3 player, computer or mobile device is a convenient feature and enables you to learn anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, if you are looking for grammar instruction or visuals to help you learn Japanese, you will need to choose a different program.

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Unforgettable Languages Japanese

If you are looking for a way to improve your memory of Japanese vocabulary, Unforgettable Languages Japanese's Linkword method offers a unique way to help you.

The Linkword method centers on associating the sound of a vocabulary word in Japanese with an English phrase or word to help you recall it. For example, if you are trying to remember the Japanese word for fish, "sakana," Unforgettable Languages suggests you imagine putting a "sack on a fish." This word association works for some people, but it can also become confusing as your vocabulary list expands.

This learn Japanese software helps you build sentences word by word, and it also tries to give small grammar lessons, followed with fill-in-the-blank quizzes to test your knowledge. Unfortunately, the lack of full-featured Japanese lessons hampers Unforgettable Languages' ability to teach you how to speak Japanese effectively.

This program is nowhere near as advanced as our higher-ranked products and does not have any activities or learning games to keep your attention. The screen maintains a plain black background with yellow writing. Unlike with most programs, there are no illustrations to help you retain words by image retention, as the Linkword system relies on you creating a mental image of the word association.

Unforgettable Languages Japanese does not teach you about the Japanese culture or how to read or write Japanese characters. There is no way to track or review which words you have learned except to go over the lessons again. Many similar programs have words that show up repetitiously during an exercise to keep you on your toes, but this program has a simple lineup of words that is always in the same order and never changes. You do have the option to click on an icon and hear the word pronounced, but there is no recording capability to let you compare your accent and pronunciation.

The best thing about this program is that it is easy to use; all you need to know to start learning is how to click on the next button. Unforgettable Languages is not a complete Japanese curriculum, but if you find word association schemes useful for remembering vocabulary, Unforgettable Languages works as a Japanese learning supplement.

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