If your business has outdoor or even indoor areas that your customers use frequently, keeping those customers cool is important. When it's hot outside, this can be difficult to do, especially when you can't use an air conditioner unit to cool the area down. Misting systems provide an efficient solution by using the evaporation cooling process. The unit is connected to a water source and then releases water droplets into the hot air. Those droplets absorb the air's heat and change into a vapor. This change results in a cooling effect. Popular misting systems include the MISTEC Eurojet, the MistyMate Misting Fan Ring and the Lava Heat Italia Aviator X2 Misting Fan

Misting Systems: What to Look For

When you're looking for a mister for your business, there are several factors to think about prior to actually making a purchase. The operating pressure, flow rate and even the water droplet size can affect how much maintenance your mister will require, how large an area it can cool and the cost of operating the system.

Operating Pressure Range
Patio misters for commercial use are available in three different pressure ranges: low, middle and high. These systems can range from 40 psi (pounds per square inch) to 1,500 psi, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Low-pressure systems, for instance, can be connected to a normal water supply, like a garden hose, and can produce a cooling effect for smaller areas. However, these misters are more likely to require a lot of maintenance, because they don't use enough pressure to prevent clogs. High-pressure systems can cool large locations effectively, but replacing their components is often expensive. The amount of pressure these misters produce requires sturdy, high-quality parts.

Flow Rate
The flow rate of a water mister describes the amount of water it will use over a certain period of time. Not every mister you can purchase indicates a flow rate, and others, like those equipped with water tanks, simply provide you with a length of time you can use the system. When flow rate is included, you can use it as an informative detail to help you make a purchasing decision. The gallons of water the system uses over an hour or a period of hours costs you money. By evaluating the flow rate first in gallons per minute (gpm), you can estimate how much the system and its water usage will cost before you make a commitment. This can help you find an option that will work within your budget.

Water Droplet Size
Water droplet size is an important decision-making part of buying an outdoor mister. The size of these water droplets is determined by the pressure of the system. The higher the pressure, the quicker the water comes through the nozzle on the mister. High-pressure systems produce finer water droplets. The small size of the droplets means they can evaporate more quickly and cool your customers faster.

The right misting equipment can help you keep your customers cool. Before you do, though, make sure you take the time to look at the system thoroughly and understand how it will work for you.

Aeromist Review

The Aeromist Nylon Misting System is a kit that comes with all of the components necessary to install a professional misting system in your outdoor area, including nylon tubing, a mini tube cutter, 60 rubber clamps, and fasteners and fixings. The kit features an enclosed direct-drive pump with an operating pressure range of 1,000 psi. This mister system is capable of cooling 100 feet of space while only using 10.5 gpm to do so.

This patio mister is capable of cooling a large outdoor space. It produces a fine mist that reduces the temperature of a 100-foot area. The elements necessary to do this are included in the kit: a nylon feed line, a mist line, 0.012-inch nozzles and clamps. This high-pressure system also comes with fasteners and fixings like anchors and screws for installation.

The mist sprayer unit features an enclosed direct-drive pump. This type of pump works at high speeds to push water through the lines and out of the 50 included nozzles with an operating pressure of 1,000 psi. It must be connected to a water source of some kind to work properly, because this kind of pump isn't capable of drawing out water from a tank effectively enough to maintain the pressure necessary to produce fine mist.

This mist machine uses only 10.5 gpm of water, which is the same amount used by a typical low-flow bathroom faucet. The nozzles on this unit also have an anti-drip feature. This reduces water waste. The nozzles' orifices are 0.012 inches in size, so they can make water droplets 1.6 to 39.1 microns in size, depending on the pressure producing them. The high pressure of this machine helps to push the water through the orifices quickly, creating smaller droplets and cooling the air fast.

Although the direct-drive pump of the Aeromist Nylon Misting System requires a connection to a water source and does not work well with a tank, the pump is fully enclosed and can operate at a pressure range of 1,000 psi. It can also produce water droplets as small as 1.6 microns that evaporate quickly in the air. The system also has a low flow rate, comes with anti-drip nozzles and can cool a 100-foot area.

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Air Chiller Review

The Air Chiller Portable FD-24 goes from 58 inches to 40 inches tall when you move the fan down on a metal hinge. This lightweight mist system weighs 105 pounds without water in it. You can easily move the water mister with its compact size, so it works well for personal use.

The relatively small size of this mist maker does not mean it has low output. The 1,000-psi pump included in the body moves air at 10,000 cfm and reaches up to 50 feet away. It can reach farther than some compact water misters, thanks to its 58-inch height when it's fully extended upright.

This mist system includes a 24-inch, 110-volt fan, which means you can plug it into any 110-volt outlet. The fan blows airs at 21 mph when you are 5 feet away from it, so it would be best to have a larger area for this water mister. You would not be comfortable standing directly in front of it.

When you combine the fan's airflow speed with the 1,000-psi water pump, you get a very fine mist from the Air Chiller. The higher the psi of a pump, the finer the mist. When the mist is finer, it can evaporate in the hot air faster, cooling down the space more quickly. This unit cools down the air temperature by 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 32-gallon tank on this misting system lasts approximately 4-5 hours without needing a refill, making it an option for a shorter event, like a wedding or barbecue outdoors. You can use this mister indoors as well; however, it operates at 68 dB, which might be too loud in a small space.

The Air Chiller Portable FD-24 has a compact shape thanks to its foldable fan, so you can take this water misting system from the garage to the Fourth of July party in your SUV with ease. The misting fan has a strong airflow speed, and the included pump puts out a powerful psi; however, the small tank means you will have to refill this unit for a longer event.

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Cloudburst Review

The Cloudburst 24-inch Oscillating Misting Fans with Tank feature two fans, a 50-gallon tank and a high-pressure pump. Both the tank and the fans are located on a cart, making the entire system portable. The pump uses a filtration system, and the fans come with 0.008-inch or 0.012-inch nozzles, depending on the water droplet size your outdoor area requires. However, these fans do make some noise, and they need to be placed far enough away that their sound doesn't bother your customers.

This portable mister comes with two oscillating fans that you can set in any configuration you require. The fans can operate in light wind or even no wind, and they use 0.008-inch or 0.012-inch nozzles to produce small water droplets that evaporate in the hot air and cool the air around them. The fans then blow the cool air throughout your outdoor area, reducing the temperature.

The fans are attached to a water mister pump, which pumps 1,200 psi of water from the included 50-gallon tank, using 0.5 gpm. Because the tank is included with the fans, you won't need to connect the fans to any water source to create the misting effect. You can simply refill the tank when it runs low.

This mist maker's 120-volt pump comes with a filtration system that can keep your system running longer. The filter is responsible for trapping sediment and any particles in your water. This can prevent the nozzle from becoming clogged.

The fans, tank and pump sit on a rolling cart, making the entire system portable. This can be especially helpful when you refill the tank, but it can also help you adjust the placement of the fans for certain activities. The mist fans do produce some noise, and in some settings you might need to place them further away from the area you are trying to cool so their sound does not disrupt your customers. Because the fans oscillate and can be pointed up or down, they are still able to cool larger areas, even when placed 10 to 20 feet away from the location they are cooling.

While the Cloudburst Oscillating Misting Fans do make some noise, they are capable of producing a fine mist that can cool large areas. The oscillating fans on this outdoor mister come with their own cart, a high-pressure water pump and a 50-gallon tank. In addition, two different sizes of nozzles are available for you to choose from.

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Lava Heat Italia Review

The Aviator X2 Misting Fan from Lava Heat Italia uses 1,700 revolutions per minute (rpm) of wind power to blow fine water droplets throughout your indoor or outdoor space. It comes with a 25-gallon tank that keeps water from spilling over out of the tank. The system is made out of aluminum alloys and polycarbonate to prevent corrosion and harm from the sun. It is also equipped with five casters, making it portable, and features a fan head that can rotate 90 degrees.

This portable mister's blade is only 15 inches in diameter, but it can produce 1,700 rpm of wind power. The fan head is able to rotate 90 degrees, spreading the cool air from the mist it produces away from the fan so it can cool a 600-square-foot area. The fan can lower the temperature by as much as 30 degrees.

You can use this mist fan indoors. Its strong exterior, made from aluminum alloys and dense polycarbonate, makes it suitable for outdoor use as well. These elements protect it from sun damage and corrosion.

It comes equipped with a handle and five casters, letting you move it where you need it. The mister system also comes with a 25-gallon tank, which increases its portability, because you don't have to keep it within reach of a garden hose. This system does come with a water-line adapter, providing the option to connect to a water source. The tank provides enough water for 16 hours of use and features a float-control device that prevents the tank from spilling over during use.

The unit can produce small water droplets of 10 to 25 microns. The small size of the droplets helps the mist evaporate quickly, resulting in cool air. An electric switch display is located on the indoor and outdoor mister and features three speed settings, plus a setting that lets you control how much mist it creates.

You can use the Aviator X2 Misting Fan indoors and out, features an oscillating fan head, and lets you control mist output. It is made with UV- and corrosion-resistant materials and has powerful fan blades that can produce 1,700 rpm of wind power. In addition, the unit can cool 600 square feet of space for 16 hours with its 25-gallon water tank. It can also be connected directly to your water supply to prevent you from having to refill it.

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Mist Cooling High Pressure Mist Kit Review

The Mist Cooling High-Pressure Mist Kit is an enclosed patio mister system designed for outdoor use. It is UL-rated, features a solenoid valve and is available in several different colors. The nozzles, mist line and tubing are made from stainless steel, and the kit comes with a high-pressure pump. It has a standard length of 40 feet, but you can expand it up to 260 feet at an additional cost.

This mist cooling system is designed to be used outside. In fact, it is UL-listed for outdoor use and features a stainless steel enclosure with a built-in solenoid valve. These elements ensure the fine mist the machine produces won't cause any rust on or in the enclosure. The nozzles, tubing and mist lines are made from stainless steel as well. This helps prevent loss of pressure by reducing the friction in the lines. The tubing's materials also increase its ability to handle more pressure. While the system has an operational pressure range of up to 1,500 psi, the tubing is rated to handle 2,000 psi.

The stainless steel enclosure, nozzles and tubing let the equipment blend into modern outdoor environments. To ensure the system works with your decor, you can choose different colors of tubing. You can select from black, stucco, gray, brown and white to make the machine aesthetically pleasing in your establishment. The black tubing is standard and included in the price of the outdoor mister. All other colors come at an additional price.

This mist maker includes 40 feet of tubing, but you can expand the system up to 260 feet. More coverage comes at a higher price, and a larger pump is required for any expansion 80 feet or over. While 10 nozzles come with the standard unit, more nozzles are provided with each additional expansion. Each nozzle features an anti-drip ability and has a small orifice that produces water droplets of only five microns. The ultrafine mist evaporates quickly in the hot air to reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees. With such small water droplets, the mist evaporates without leaving any moisture behind.

Although the MistCooling High-Pressure Mist Kit requires a few additional purchases if you want to expand the system to cover a larger area or change the color of the tubing, it does feature a stainless steel enclosure and a standard 1,500-psi pump, and it produces a fine mist that evaporates quickly. It is also UL-rated for outdoor use and is capable of reducing temperatures by up to 30 degrees.

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MistAmerica MA Mister Review

The MA Mister from MistAmerica features MA Ruby Nozzles, which help to prevent clogging. The nozzles are color-coded to produce different flow rates. A high-pressure pump is included, as well as powder-coated, stainless steel mist lines. A reverse osmosis system is available with this system at an additional cost.

This mist maker is a high-pressure system that operates at 70 bar, or 1,000 psi. The system includes 316-liter stainless steel lines, which deliver water to unique MA Ruby Nozzles made of stainless steel, brass or nickel-plated brass. It also comes equipped with a high-pressure pump.

The MA Ruby Nozzles on this water mister are designed with four orifices that are color-coded in silver, blue, red and white. Changing the orifice on the nozzle alters the size of the water droplets and the flow rate of the system. For instance, the silver nozzle has an orifice size of 0.012 inches and a flow rate of 0.025 gpm. This means it produces larger water droplets and uses more water than the red nozzle, which has an orifice size of 0.006 inches and a flow rate of 0.011 gpm.

The nozzles also come with a built-in filter to prevent clogging. You can also purchase an optional reverse osmosis system from the manufacturer to add to the outdoor mister. This system filters the water before it goes through the lines, preventing buildup from gathering in the lines. This also helps to prevent clogs so you can reduce maintenance costs.

This misting system is available to purchase, but you can also lease it from the manufacturer. The second option may be beneficial if you are just starting a new business or don't have the capital needed to purchase this type of product outright. If you are able to pass the manufacturer's credit inspection, you can lease to own the equipment or rent it indefinitely.

The MA Mister comes with powder-coated stainless steel lines, a high-pressure pump, and nozzles designed to give you options when it comes to flow rate and water droplet size. You can also equip the system with a reverse osmosis feature to reduce clogging, but this comes at an additional cost. You have the option of buying the system outright or leasing it, however.

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MISTEC EuroJet Review

The Eurojet from MISTEC is a column or ceiling mist fan with double filtration and 1,015 psi of water pressure. This system reduces the temperature of a large area by creating a fine mist that evaporates as it meets the hot air. It creates no sound as it operates, making it optimal for settings where background noise might be bothersome, such as coffee shops, hotels or bars. The flow rate is 2,333 gpm, but it comes with a 230-volt pump and can cool 376 square feet of space.

This mister system is made from aluminum, and you can purchase it as a pedestal mister or ceiling mister, depending on your needs. The pedestal version of this fan comes with an 8-foot column. The fan features a 230-volt, 55-watt pump with an operating pressure range of 1,015 psi. This high-pressure pump does have a high flow rate of 2,333 gpm.

The Eurojet fan comes with eight different nozzles and can turn 360 degrees, creating an effective cooling area. In fact, the water mister can reduce the temperature of 376 square feet of space. It can do this very quickly because of its high flow rate and high-pressure pump. These produce extra-fine water droplets that are typically smaller than 10 microns. The size of the droplets makes it possible for the mist to change from liquid to vapor quickly as they come in contact with the hot air.

You can use this misting system to cool large outdoor spaces, but it can also be used inside in areas where air conditioning is not a feasible option. Because the mist evaporates quickly, you don't have to be concerned about the mist getting furniture, electronics or people wet. You don't need to be concerned about it making too much noise either. This machine makes virtually no sound and won't interfere with your business.

The MISTEC Eurojet mist machine may have a very high flow rate, but it can create ultrafine mist that evaporates quickly in the air. It can also cool large indoor and outdoor areas, comes with eight high-pressure nozzles, and makes virtually no noise while operating. It's available as a hanging model that you can place on the ceiling of your building or with an 8-foot column that can stand separately in open spaces.

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MistyMate Fan Ring Review

The MistyMate Misting Fan Ring is a professional-grade cooling system capable of turning any outdoor fan into one that produces a fine mist, which reduces the temperature of the air around it. The water mister system comes with a fan ring, four nozzles, and the clips and clamps needed to mount the ring to the fan and attach it to a hose. It is a low-pressure system, so the water droplets it produces are large.

This unit attaches to your current outdoor fans to turn them into patio misters. The ring is made from steel and is 10 inches in diameter. It comes with four clips for mounting the ring to a fan of your choosing. For safety reasons, you must use an outdoor fan instead of an indoor one. The fan is likely to get wet from the mist and should be capable of handling the mist the ring produces.

The water mister comes with a 0.75-inch spigot connector and two hose clamps that you use to attach the 10-foot lead line to a standard water hose or spigot. The mist fan system is only capable of working with standard water pressure of 60 to 80 psi. Although this means you can't use the ring with a booster pump, it produces a low flow rate of 0.007 gpm.

The unit of this misting system includes four nozzles with brass casings and stainless steel orifices. The orifices are 0.3 mm, which can create large water droplets. While the system is capable of reducing the temperature by up to 30 degrees, these large water droplets also mean that anything close to the fan while it is operating can become wet after a short period of time. Because of this, you will need to make sure you have enough space to position the fan at least 10 feet away from furniture and customers who do not wish to get wet.

The MistyMate Misting Fan Ring is a patio mister with a low flow rate that you can install quickly. It features all the accessories you need to install it, is compatible with almost any outdoor fan and can cool a large area. It does require low water pressure, however, and you cannot use it with a booster pump. You must also place it strategically to prevent people and furniture getting wet from the large water droplets.

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Orbit Professional Outdoor Cooling Review

The Orbit Professional Outdoor Mist Cooling System includes rotating slip-lock fittings and a flexible system that can cool up to 10 feet of outdoor space. You can expand the equipment to cover larger areas with the purchase of additional pipes. While it is designed as a low-pressure system, you can also use it with a booster pump to increase the psi of water pressure. Used with a standard garden hose, the system only uses 0.5 gallons per hour (gph) of water.

This commercial mist machine comes with flexible pipes that you can use to cool up to 10 feet of space. However, you can expand the pipes up to 125 feet if you have a larger outdoor area. The system also comes with slip-lock fittings made of brass. The brass fittings are durable, but they're also useful, as they can rotate 360 degrees. This feature gives you the power to adjust the direction of the mist produced by the machine as you need to.

The mist sprayer is designed for outdoor use only and can be attached to any standard garden hose for low-pressure action. This means it typically has an operating pressure range of 40 to 70 psi. Because of the low pressure, the water droplets produced by the machine can be large. However, if you want to produce a finer mist, you can attach a booster pump to the system to increase the psi. Doing so forces more water out of the nozzles more quickly, leading to smaller water droplets that evaporate and cool your outdoor space faster.

Using a booster pump does increase the amount of water the machine uses, which can in turn increase the costs of operating the mister system. When attached to a regular hose, the system uses only 0.5 gph.

In addition to the brass fittings, the unit comes with all of the components necessary to install the system: hanging clamps and nails, a brass end plug, an auto-drain valve, and five nozzles made of stainless steel and brass. It also comes with a hose washer to make attaching the equipment to your garden hose simple. However, filters are not included. To prevent mineral buildup that could stop water from running smoothly through the mist maker's tubing, you will need to purchase compatible filters separately.

The Orbit Professional Outdoor Mist Cooling System doesn't come with filters, and it requires additional purchases to expand its ability to cool larger areas. However, this outdoor mister does feature rotating fittings, durable nozzles and a low-pressure system that you can enhance with an optional booster pump.

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Piian Systems Economy Mist System Review

The Piian Economy Mist System produces water droplets 10 microns in size for quick evaporation and cooling. It comes with a pump that requires a 115-volt AC electric outlet. The pump doesn't need to be connected to any special water line; it works with a standard garden hose. The mist system also includes anti-drip nozzles, a water-filtration system, tubing and fittings for installation. The price of the unit varies depending on the amount of coverage you need.

This outdoor mister system is designed to be used outdoors and can connect to your patio lining or the wall of your building. It comes with a pump with an operating range of 1,000 psi. A 115-volt AC electric outlet is required for the machine to function.

A standard hose provides the mist machine with enough water to begin misting your outdoor area. Once the tubing is set up, the pump pressurizes this normal water and pushes it through the tubing and out of the system's nozzles. These high-pressure nozzles have an anti-drip feature to prevent loss of water when the unit is not in use. The nozzles are spread apart across the tubing, which helps to deliver the cooling mist equally throughout the area.

With the high pressure of this pump, the mist machine can produce small water droplets of only 10 microns. The tiny size of these droplets helps the mist turn from liquid to vapor quickly, preventing those around the system from becoming wet.

The price of this unit varies greatly, depending on the size of the area you need to cool. The base unit only covers 15 feet of space and uses 10 nozzles, spread 18 inches apart along the tubing, to reduce the temperature of an outdoor area. However, kits are available for spaces up to 195 feet.

While it will cost you more to cover a larger space and obtain more tubing and nozzles for that area, the Piian Economy Mist System has some of the features you might be looking for in patio misters. The nozzles have anti-drip capability, the pump produces 1,000 psi, and you only need a water hose to supply water to the pump. You can also install this system to a wall or patio cover for cooling results where you need them.

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