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Best Professional Video Editing Software

Professional video editing software can be pricey, but for video enthusiasts ready to go to the next level, it offers the best approach. Top Ten Reviews has just released a comparison of the best professional editing software on the market.

"Professional video editing software is a great asset for any filmmaker or film enthusiast," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews. "The past few years have seen not only great leaps in the technology, but also a drastic reduction in price."

The Top 3:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: This software is the best video editing software available without the need to buy specialized hardware. Adobe redesigned the user interface for this iteration of Premier Pro with the intent to remove all the obstacles in the way of the creative process. The redesign is successful, for the most part, without compromising the tools and features that put this product in first place.

2. Final Cut Pro X: Apple also recently revamped its signature video editing software. Final Cut Pro X is leaner and faster than previous iterations of the software. The new interface also makes the software more intuitive and accessible to new users. Innovative new features such as background rendering and the magnetic timeline set the standard for future generations of video editing applications.

3. Sony Vegas Pro 11: Sony's latest foray into video editing sees marked improvements over their past efforts. All the features and tools needed to create a great video project are present and functional. It has excellent integration with Sony hardware such as cameras and audio equipment. However, it just doesn't quite live up to the high standards set by Adobe and Apple.

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What Makes Top-Notch Professional Video Editing Software?

Most users who buy professional video editing software already have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the editing process. The best software offers a host of professional editing tools, supports a variety of file formats and makes the transition from consumer-grade software as painless as possible.

Editing Tools: The best professional video editing software provides much more than a simple timeline and project window. Advanced tools such as the chroma key and color corrector allow users to perform the same devices used in Hollywood to create dazzling pictures and sound.

Capture & Playback: As professional video editing software becomes more powerful and accessible, so do cameras and sound equipment. The best editing applications capture footage from all camera types and sound equipment. They also provide a crisp, clear preview of high-definition footage for the best creative experience possible.

Export & Production: Quickly rendering video and audio files and exporting them in the correct file format is essential. The best professional video editing software takes advantage of all of a computer's hardware to speed up the production process, and it contains a file encoder that allows of any file type.

Ease of Use: Professional video editing software is not simple to use. The best applications have consumer-grade counterparts that allow novice users to learn the basics of video editing before graduating into the professional realm.

Help & Support: Even for video editors who already know the basics of video editing, there can still be a lot to learn about effectively using professional video editing software. The best applications provide tutorials, training and certification classes to help push an editor next level.

Whether the goal is to become the next big YouTube star or make an independent film, professional video editing software can make any project shine.

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