Apple iPhones have become so popular that even children and young adults now have them. The phones provide a way for parents to monitor their children in case of emergencies   the convenience alone of being able to reach your child quickly provides an unparalleled sense of comfort. However, if you have a young adult who has a cell phone, you might worry about what they are looking at on the internet or who they are calling or texting.

Cell phone monitoring software eliminates that concern. Thanks to this monitoring software, you can listen to incoming and outgoing calls, track an iPhone s location, block websites and even check text messages. Cell phone monitoring software is a great way to keep watch over employees as well. If you use monitoring software, review the legal issues beforehand. Tracking a child s cell phone for his or her protection is legal. So is monitoring an employee s cell phone usage   as long as you inform them first, in most cases. Be aware that all states have different monitoring laws. You should always consult the right sources in your state for current laws regarding cell phone monitoring.

Below are the top three spy apps for iPhones:


PhoneSheriff is one of the best iPhone monitoring software programs for several reasons. This app offers concise monitoring features and detailed usage reports. However, what sets PhoneSheriff above another software applications is its keyword alerts. With this software, you simply make a list of keywords and it sends you an email informing you when anyone uses those words. In addition, you can block certain phone numbers and websites and even place certain usage limits during appointed times. Also, you can track your child s location with the software s handy GPS function. Another unique feature is that it notifies you if someone has tampered with the SIM card from the monitored phone.


This is a top-rated iPhone monitoring app because it monitors so thoroughly. Not only does it block incoming calls, but it also monitors emails, texts, video chats and even downloaded pictures. Like Phone Sheriff, it also has GPS tracking so that you can monitor the cell phone user s location. mSpy also offers 24-hour customer support. You can email, call or chat live with a customer service representative for all of your questions and concerns.

Mobile Spy

This is monitoring software that receives excellent marks for its security features. One unique feature is that you can track address books as well as review deleted data. View email and call logs, internet use, texts, videos and photos with ease. One difference to be aware of with this software is that you cannot block specific internet websites. However, it has GPS and SMS location tracking and lets you know if someone has tampered with the SIM card. With the premium option of Mobile Spy, you have access to a live control panel and stealth camera.

If apps are more your style, you have many different options. Connect is a monitoring app that lets you track someone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Contacts and LinkedIn. Another option is Phone Tracker that uses maps and a GPS. It does not have to be open to work, and you can program it to log locations every two to 60 minutes.

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