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Top Ten Reviews has just reviewed and released the top 10 video downloader software that can be used to download movies, stream media from the internet and capture video clips. Video downloader software can also transfer videos to your portable electronic devices.

"Video downloader software is very handy when you want to share a video via your smartphone but don't have Wi-Fi or cell service," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of Top Ten Reviews. "Playing a video direct from your device is a much faster, more convenient and reliable way to share your videos."


The Top 3:

1. Replay Media Catcher 4: Replay Media Catcher 4 received TTR s coveted Gold Award for its many recording tools and well-rounded feature set. Among its best features, Replay Media Catcher 4 allows you to cut out ads on the videos you record and comes with a variety of exporting options.

2. Moviebox: Earning TTR's Silver Award, Moviebox can automatically download multiple videos playing in open browsers. Additionally, Moviebox allows conversion of a video file to a different format and shows a progress bar for your tasks.

3. RipTiger: Landing TTR's Bronze Award, RipTiger boasts an easy-to-use interface, has a professional look and includes a media player. RipTiger allows for downloading videos in many browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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What Makes a Top-Notch Video Downloader Software?

The best video downloader software boasts many simple features that will record what you want, when you want it.

Recording Tools: Recording tools make or break video downloader software. TTR focused specifically on software that works quickly to download videos. Other recording tools TTR looked for in video downloader software were the ability to schedule recordings, not include ads in downloads, and the ability to edit file names and meta data.

Export Formats: Top of the line video downloader software will have the ability to export videos into many different formats and will even allow video to be converted from one format to another. TTR also looked at video downloader software that allows video to be played via a smartphone or other electronic devices.

Playback Options: TTR evaluated video downloader software that offers more playback options than standard media players. The best video downloader software will also allow playback while the video is downloading.

Help & Support: Easy access to help and support options via online, email, or phone set the best video downloader software apart from the competition. Additionally, TTR looked at video downloader software that provides FAQs on their website and an effective user guide for reference.

Video downloader software can be used for a number of different things, but most importantly, to make it easier and quicker to download video from the internet to view via your computer, smartphone or other electronic devices.

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