Whether you want to promote a successful brand or build one around a business plan, video production services provide specialized talent to help with development. Options include Visually, E Video Productions LLC and Bonomotion.

Video production services work with an existing idea, or they can create a customized script based on the goals you want to accomplish. Each provider works differently, but they all offer similar services. Their specialties include camera work, animation, location scouting, editing and, at the end of the process, promotion. These companies often work with advertisers, but they can also help individuals with personal projects. Video production services use talented experts to build professional-quality films as efficiently as possible.

Video Production Services: What to Look For

When you research video production services, there are several aspects to pay attention to. Some excel with online video promotion and in creating short videos for streaming sites and brands' landing pages. Others offer large film sets for high-scale productions and complex cinematography. Some services specialize in animation. Others use 3D motion capture technology and translate natural motions onto digital characters. Production companies even create social media marketing opportunities. Your choice of video production service provider ultimately determines the quality of your film.

Motion Graphics
Many modern advertisements rely on motion graphics to effectively communicate messages. Video production services do not limit motion graphics to animated videos. The term encompasses all sorts of animation. Video production houses with strong motion graphics departments can create fluid motion in text or from 3D models. Motion graphics teams work with advanced software to create high-quality animation in a variety of situations.

Script Writing
You do not need to bring a finished script when you use a full-service video production company. These organizations often hire their own copywriters and screenwriters to craft unique solutions based on the needs of the client. If you have an idea but need someone to write it out prior to filming, you can find video production services that provide this specialization. Not all organizations offer this service.

On-Site Location for Filming
Not every video production service comes with its own on-site location for filming, either. Some of the larger organizations offer on-site shoots, which can lower the overall cost to you. Video production services that do not come with their own shooting locations may require additional time or budget to accomplish similar shots.

Most advertisers want to promote their films as soon as possible. Some video production services offer SEO and postproduction marketing. They can promote your work with integrated social media campaigns and work with you to develop successful strategies depending on the goals of your project. Many providers work in a variety of visual media. They may be able to expand a film's message across multiple platforms with infographics and mobile applications.

Video production services vary in their offerings. Some can help with every stage of the process, while others offer more specialized options. Learn about the available options and you can choose the video production service that delivers quality in the format you need.

1-800-TV-Crews Review

1-800-TV-Crews delivers video production services in every city across the United States. Based in Atlanta, the company carries full sets of high-definition equipment in 20 different cities. Its employees undergo a special certification process, so you get the same quality of video production services no matter where you hire them. This company connects producers with crews. It does not offer many preproduction services.

This company provides professional-quality video production services for situations that already have much of the preproduction process covered. It can cover live events and news, or it can serve as a documentary crew that follows your chosen subject. These video production services also work with corporate videos. 1-800-TV-Crews can meet your staff on site to create recruitment videos and training videos using your existing staff.

This company's video production services include full production staff, including some support staff. The film crews come to your location to cover the topic you choose, and you can determine the level of support you receive. When you request a quote from 1-800-TV-Crews, you can specify exactly what you need.

If you have a crew of your own and want to shoot with professional equipment, the company offers video production services to help. With 1-800-TV-Crews, equipment packages include microphones and an audio mixer as well as monitors and lights. The video production equipment also includes a camera that produces the film format you need for your project. The technology allows HD video, and you can choose which type of camera you use to capture all the action. This keeps you in control of the look and feel of your project without having to film everything yourself.

1-800-TV-Crews does not offer many video production services to use after the shoot. The crew sends your tapes where you need them, so you can do the editing on your own with video editing software. The company does offer an in-house editing studio with office space that you can rent out as needed. The Atlanta-based editing studio extends the company's video production services, but 1-800-TV-Crews does not serve as a full-service shop. It more commonly serves professional networks, including cable and syndication clients.

With backing screens and an on-site interview set, this company offers several advanced video production services. The professional camera crews handle shooting, and the whole crew comes with certified experience handling professional shoots. 1-800-TV-Crews serves as a one-stop solution for professional companies with some video staff already in place. This video production service commonly handles on-site shoots. You can hire a team to cover as much content as you need.

1-800-TV-Crews offers video production services across the United States. Its crews come with professional equipment, and they can deliver HD-quality film for a variety of events. However, this crew does not specialize in pre- or postproduction video production services.

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Bonomotion Review

Bonomotion offers video production services to businesses of various sizes. The company creates engaging short films and promotes the finished content online. You can request a quote for video production services based on the needs of your business, and the company will propose a solution that achieves your goals.

This service works with a large team of videographers, and it takes on many sorts of projects. Its solutions rely on the same strong components, regardless of the size of the client's business. For example, Bonomotion's video production services include a full suite of motion graphics. You can request 2D animation to simplify instructions for employee training or add 3D graphics into a live-action video. These video production services serve as versatile tools that you can use with various projects. When you share the goal of your campaign, Bonomotion can determine whether motion graphics will add value to your final production.

The company advertises its video production services specifically for online tutorial videos, which use cartoons to explain your target message. This service can help you convey complex messages to current clients, or you can use it for simple calls to action. Bonomotion's video production services even allow you to capture desktop motion so you can create work tutorials for new employees.

Beyond instruction videos, Bonomotion creates online content to help with existing marketing campaigns. Its video production services pair with other forms of media to drive more visitors to your landing pages and generate conversation about the message you want to share. The company also pairs all of its videos with added SEO features, so your content gains as much traction as possible once you launch it into the world. It can also help you distribute the work once it's finished.

Bonomotion's video production services come with enough variety to create tons of video styles. One of its simplest services includes templates, so you can share a message without having to build everything else out. The company also has more advanced video production services. With some midrange services, voice-overs and background music are included. Bonomotion's advanced services allow for broadcast-quality music videos and film trailers.

Once you tell the company the goal of the campaign, the length of the desired film and a few more relevant details, Bonomotion determines which video production services to use for your project. It offers multiple levels of involvement, too. Its in-house shooting facility and professional-quality gear give the company the ability to accomplish full productions, but you can also put the video together yourself. Bonomotion even rents gear to videographers.

Bonomotion delivers full-service video production services to clients all over the U.S. You can use the company's services when you need equipment or as a full-scale solution to produce and promote online content.

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DigiNovations Review

DigiNovations provides video production services for all sorts of clients. The company produces short and long films, and it dedicates unique strategies based on the needs of each project. While this studio does not specialize in postproduction marketing, it does offer video production services that can bolster existing marketing campaigns.

With a strong focus on goals, DigiNovations starts each business relationship with an invitation. The company bases its video production solutions on the needs of the project, and it invites you to share your goals at the first phase of the process. A candid conversation about goals ensures that the video production company can cater its efforts toward the results you want to see.

When you want to cover a live event, you can request a crew that specializes in the process. These crews offer specialized video production services, including mobile studios that help with on-site editing. DigiNovations works with professional cinematographers who can capture dramatic and exciting events with multiple cameras. You can stream this information over the internet or create something totally new with additional video production services.

DigiNovations also provides photography services. You can bolster video production efforts, especially those at special events, with professional-quality images for your website and print advertisements. The company hires creative experts who understand how to capture important moments in both video and still images. The company's video production services do not include SEO or postproduction marketing services.

Beyond photography, DigiNovations provides motion graphics and animation for many clients. These video production services enhance films with flair so that wider audiences notice and connect with your target message. You can discuss animation options with the company when you ask for a consultation. The staff offers its expertise on which video production services produce the most effective results for other clients based on the specific goals of your video.

The company also offers equipment rental and other services. You do not need to use this company for full-scale video production. Instead, you can write and direct your own film with some help from DigiNovations. To take advantage of this service, the initial step remains the same. It can provide camera packages, crews and motion technology as needed.

DigiNovations provides film production services for a variety of different industries. The company offers photography services and work as a film equipment rental service, and it can recommend options based on the needs of your project. This video production company delivers professional-quality films for commercial and corporate clients.

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E Video Productions LLC Review

E Video Productions LLC offers video production services for several specific industries. The company commonly serves corporate clients, and it produces short or mid-length videos for online distribution. These video production services begin with scripts and extend past editing into online promotion.

The service works with nonprofit clients and tourism boards in much the same way it serves business clients. The company's video production services allow a wide variety of shot styles, so it can handle corporate tours with the same quality as vacation promotions. This breadth of focus gives E Video Productions LLC a unique handle on several niche audiences.

This video production company features an additional specialization for clients. It uses GoPro cameras to capture active shots outside of a studio. This service establishes movement and captures excitement, often from a first-person point of view. You can request GoPro shots from E Video Productions LLC when you want to capture audience attention quickly and put your viewer directly into the action. GoPro-style video production services capture motion in a natural way, and you can use them with any video you create.

E Video Productions LLC provides marketing as well. The company's video production services can include online marketing services, including uploads to YouTube or corporate websites. Online marketing extends beyond text, and you can hire a professional firm to ensure your videos receive as much attention as possible. These video production services can include transcription services that promote specific keywords. They can also include tags to gain additional traffic on social media.

The company's primary video production services result in films that last five to 15 minutes. You can examine a complete script write-up before filming, and the company produces the rest. It offers voice-over services and motion graphics as well. These video production services depend on the job. When you present your goals to the company, it can propose a potential solution. The company also offers video-hosting services for finished content.

The company offers an in-house studio for shoots, and it also has a mobile studio. The in-house video production services feature several backdrops, including a green screen, and its mobile services give you even more freedom. You can use the mobile options for corporate videos, when you want to show off your company's campus or as a way to display location-specific information on any type of project.

E Video Productions LLC offers an expansive selection of video production services. The company can shoot in house or on the road, and it offers postproduction help with marketing and hosting. Its wide variety of video production services most commonly serves organizations in the nonprofit, corporate and travel sectors.

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JLB Media Review

JLB Media Productions serves corporate clients with video production services including voice-over work and full DVD mastering. The company works with all film durations, from short commercials to full-length features. These video production services follow a standard process that keeps you in the loop from start to finish.

JLB starts each work cycle with a conversation. Its video production services cater to the goals of your project and ask you to share what you want to accomplish with the film. From there, the company starts planning and scripting. It shoots the film and uses a full breadth of video production services to create a finished look. Once it's nearly finished, you can give the crew feedback. They make revisions based on your input and deliver a production that looks the way you need it to look.

The company's video production services include voice-over work and other audio enhancements. You can use these effects to convey important information while you show product renderings or as a form of narration that introduces your story. The video production company scripts dialogue and narration to fit the voice of your brand, which it can assess during the initial meetings and prior to the production shoot.

JLB edits the films once the team finishes shooting. You can request specific video production services for your film as well. The team works with all sorts of formats, producing training videos, event promos, music videos and feature-length films.

While JLB does not promote advanced SEO and online marketing services, it does offer photography alongside its standard video production services. You can request extra photos to use for online promotion. The team works with creative professionals every day, and the company can send photographers to cover events or locations as needed.

JLB's video production services include motion graphics. Its designers and animators can enhance your logo to fit seamlessly into a finished video. This process also works with data and statistics. When you need video production services that display important data with extra flair, motion graphics can be a solution. If you use data to tell a story, JLB can use motion graphics to bring it to life.

This company also works with DVD promotion and distribution. Its video production services include DVD mastering, so you can bring your film with you to conventions and trade shows. You can also use these videos for training sessions and distribute them to all of your offices so your message remains the same throughout the world.

JLB Media Productions offers video production services to corporate clients. Its process maximizes client input, so you can talk about what your company needs before the writers start a script. The company's video production services include motion graphics, photography, editing and distribution.

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Lenzworks Review

Lenzworks offers professional video production services for use in marketing and entertainment. This company delivers a wide selection of motion graphics and postproduction effects to create high-definition visuals. These video production services do not include script writing or 3D animation.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lenzworks uses a staff of creative professionals to produce broadcast-quality work. The company offers both in-house and mobile video production services, which you can discuss with the staff when you submit your request for a quote. Lenzworks also provides a personal film service, Legacies, which focuses on the life story of an individual or family. These individual video production services come with their own features and limitations.

The full suite of services depends on the goals of your project. For example, you can request video production services to promote a specific location for use in tourism advertising campaigns or large-scale coverage for a reality television program. If you want to promote an item, the company also offers video production services for commercials. The availability of potential styles enhances your ability to create a video that effectively represents your brand.

For individuals, Lenzworks offers video production services that tell a personal story. The resulting videos document a personal journey with the subject's own words. Lenzworks interviews a subject and produces a stand-alone documentary around the individual's story. These video production services center on the subject to celebrate a special event, a career or an entire life. You can submit a request for more specific information from the company.

The Lenzworks individual shoots come with four different package options. The lowest tier provides one day for shooting. After the shoot, the company uses its video production services to create a short video of up to 12 minutes. The most advanced package includes travel and a suite, so you can give editorial feedback on the process in person. This advanced video production package allows more shooting time and results in a 30-minute video, provided in the form of a digital file and 30 DVD copies.

For both types of work, Lenzworks provides motion graphics that scale with each production. The company also offers mobile video production services, so you can capture corporate locations. You can use this to promote your business office and on-location services to potential clients.

Lenzworks delivers professional-quality video production services for a variety of industries. The company offers limited services to individual clients, including a special niche product that covers a single person's life. These video production services range in size and style.

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Levy Production Group Review

Levy Production Group provides a variety of professional-quality video production services. The company rents out space and equipment, and it offers full-service film production. Its scalable video production services center on Levy's Las Vegas studio and travel to off-site locations as needed.

Because of the location, Levy provides services at all hours of the day and night. The company offers a wide selection of video production services. It caters to corporate clients and to clients with commercial messages. You can use these video production services as a complete solution or as a toolbox for an internal video team. For full service options, the company holds preproduction meetings to determine what you need to see in your finished video. Its video production services include scouting, casting, shooting and editing. Once you communicate what you need, Levy Production Group takes all the information and incorporates it into the finished product.

Alternately, you can use the company for your own projects. If you already have the crew, you can use the company's most basic video production services. It has an on-site shooting studio that you can rent, and it offers equipment as well.

Levy Production Group offers live video production services so you can promote a live event. Its crews can shoot the event for external broadcast, and they can create live webcasts for even larger audiences. Because Levy Production Group works with some of Las Vegas' prestigious hotels and casinos, the company maintains high-performance HD cameras and access to full crews to help with production. You can determine which of these video production services you need for your projects.

With on-site and off-site production options, Levy Production Group extends coverage outside its facilities. You can request mobile video production services throughout Las Vegas, and the company will send a crew to your location. The mobile production crew comes with a few optional features. Levy Production Group can include temporary production offices with its mobile video production services. You can even use the company to gain access to catering, makeup and wardrobe specialists to help with your shoot.

Wherever you shoot, this company provides digital editing services to give your project a finished look. Video production relies on talented editors to create advanced animation, and Levy Production Group provides this service as part of its suite of solutions. It also offers audio engineering and postproduction effects. Whether you need to create a music video with superior sound quality or a short promo to advertise a product, these postproduction video services give your project a professional appearance.

Levy Production Group produces all sorts of films. The company's video production services include a full array of editing options, and you can choose your level of involvement. Those who want complete control can rent space and equipment, and the company offers full-service video production as well.

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ProductionHUB Review

ProductionHUB connects video production services to those who want to hire them. The company does not provide any direct production services of its own. Instead, professional film crews, editors and talent use the site to apply for available jobs. You can post your available video production service positions on ProductionHUB or use the site's profiles to actively search for talent.

Human resources teams use ProductionHUB when they need production talent. It can also be used to find full-service video production companies to help with specific projects. ProductionHUB works like an online job board for those working in film production, and it extends to include some companies in the same space. The service uses a few methods to simplify the process of finding video production talent.

Unlike traditional job boards, this one allows you to search by demo reel. You can use this to see exactly what kind of video you can expect from a video production service or company. The video reel search feature includes advanced breakdowns, so you can search based on the type of project you plan to complete and the type of service you need help with. For example, you can search for music video reels uploaded by postproduction experts or music video reels by videographers. Role refinement allows you to connect with the video production services you need without overloading you with reels from other disciplines.

If you regularly find talent through job boards, you can use ProductionHUB the same way. You can search for specific video production talent by role or post a job opportunity and allow talent to apply. Both of these functions work beyond the video reel search and include additional candidates that may not have uploaded reels of their own. The ability to post job opportunities for video production services makes ProductionHUB an option when you want to scout for various types of talent during your shoot.

This website allows you to hire both cast and crew for your shoot. Video production companies also have the ability to respond to your postings. You can sort through individual contractors or hire a full company to handle the job. Because of the nature of the film industry, this unique distinction gives you access to more video production services at once. If no single individual shows interest in the position, you can immediately open it for bids by larger production companies. This company does not offer the ability to search for screenwriters, nor does it break down some other types of creative video production talent.

ProductionHUB acts as a third party that connects you with video production services. You can use this service to find film crews, designers and production companies.

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Visually Review

Visually provides video production services for companies of all sizes. This company offers advanced motion graphics and employs creative professionals to relay diverse messages online and on television. These video production services result in a wide variety of professional video content.

Because the company starts with an assessment of client goals, the process varies for each project. Visually provides video production services based on the goals of your specific project. This initial step makes sense. If you want to increase traffic to your website, your film requires different elements than a film created to generate buzz around a specific product.

The video production service does not cease communication after this initial conversation. Visually uses cloud-based platforms to share content during the production process. This means that you can directly interact with the team that works on your video, sharing feedback and answering questions from start to finish. All of Visually's video production services include the ability to stay connected this way. You can even keep track of performance on your mobile device.

The company works within contracted timelines. All of your contracted video production services include an agreement on the production schedule, and Visually sticks to this schedule to finish films on time. Timely services allow you to more effectively schedule marketing campaigns so your films deliver their messages exactly according to plan.

Visually's video production services include data research and analytics. If you want to bolster the power of an argument, visual data serves as an important tool. Visually's video production services include this service for more than persuasive videos. This type of information can also show company timelines with engaging imagery.

These video production services come with a full selection of motion graphics. You can choose 2D or 3D animation, or work with graphic designs to tell a story primarily through text. Visually employs contracted creative talent to write copy, design graphics and develop web content.

The services extend well into marketing, and the company can include your project on an internal promotional network to show off the final results. Visually hosts a community of talent that shares and develops content for visual projects. Its video production services include other visual elements that coordinate with your film. Visually can generate guides and infographics that you can share on social media platforms.

Visually's video production services provide organized, data-driven visuals that communicate a variety of complex topics. The company's creative talent works with you through cloud-based discussion platforms to generate the films you need for your project.

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Wooshii Review

Wooshii relies on a community of experienced videographers and animators for video production services. The site allows you to advertise your budget and project, so you can find a production partner that fits your needs. These video production services come through the Wooshii platform, but they are not directly offered by Wooshii. These services are limited to animation and videos.

This website offers access to video production services. Producers and content creators sign up for free, and they check out opportunities before submitting proposals of their own. When you have a project that requires animation or video, you can post your opportunity in a few quick steps. When you want advanced video production services, you can list desired qualities in the proposal.

As production crews see the notes, they reply with additional information. This communication results in diverse content for each client, and it enables you to find skilled producers who understand the goals of your project.

Wooshii only provides two types of content. You can use these video production services for 2D animation or live-action video. These two categories are separated on the site, and you can submit an opportunity under either category. Animation projects sometimes help simplify advanced tutorials. If you add an animated video to your website, you can welcome your visitors with a customized message that fits the style of your brand. Alternately, you can request a live-action video. Live videos allow your clients to give valuable testimonials that you can use in sales presentations or as commercials.

Many of the site's video production services result in simple web videos. The reels on the site include training videos and short animations, so you can see the variety of styles available from the site's talent base. Wooshii provides video production services for both corporate and consumer-facing audiences.

You can use the service to request a crew to produce a music video, including the duration of your song and the budget you have to work with. You can also use it for corporate recruitment messages. Video production services for corporate clients might include on-site interviews with current staff members to show off the corporate lifestyle you want to advertise. They might also include fun animations to show off the biggest perks that come with the job.

Because this site only connects you with talent, it does not provide any on-site shooting locations or other direct services. Individual video production services may come from the companies who bid on your projects, but their abilities vary. In order to accept both large and small production budgets, some of the bidders may not offer much postproduction on videos, while others offer more robust features.

Wooshii provides film production services through an online portal. The site allows you to list your desired length and budget, but it does not provide services itself. It simply connects you with video production talent for all sorts of jobs. 

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