What Can You Do With Wedding Invitations Software? 

Any engaged couple would be wise to check out the different types of wedding invitations software they can use to make their own wedding stationery. These products can help set the tone and style of that dream day from the moment the couple announces their engagement. 

Software such as PrintingPress, MyMemories Wedding Studio and PrintMaster allows you and your fiancé to showcase your own personalities through the words, images, clip art and other features available with these applications. A project of this magnitude at first seems like a tremendous amount of work, but the well-organized and helpful DIY wedding invitations applications on the market today can make this task simple and fun. 

Be sure to check out our articles on wedding invitations with more information about making your own wedding invitations. And don’t forget to see our wedding invitations software side-by-side reviews so you can pick software that will help you create the most memorable and personalized products for your special day.

Budget-minded couples will find designing their own wedding invitation cards and other wedding stationery can save them a great deal of money and still produce professional looking results, whether they print these items at home or hire a commercial printing service to print the final product. 

Here are some of the things you can create: 

  • Save The Date Cards – Alert those you want to attend your ceremony by sending an early heads-up that wedding plans are underway.
  • Engagement Party Invitations – Formally announce your betrothal at a festive occasion.
  • Wedding Invitations – Bring others together to celebrate one of the most important days in your life.
  • Direction cards – Help your guests, especially those from out of town, get where they need to go.
  • R.S.V.P. Cards – A real life-saver for engaged couples who will need a headcount for such things as caterers, seating and more.
  • Programs – Guide guests through your ceremony with a written order of service, song titles and names of singers, scriptural and poetry readings, special prayers and more.
  • Table Place Cards – A graceful touch for more formal receptions that eliminates confusion and helps guests know where to sit.
  • Thank You Notes – An absolute necessity for every couple. Those who attend your events and give gifts deserve a proper note of gratitude.
  • Wedding Announcements – An easy way for a couple to let others know they are married and a thoughtful way to inform people who could not attend the ceremony.

Wedding Invitations Software: What to Look For 

Outstanding applications should offer the ability to create different types of printed products quickly and easily. Among the important qualities to seek out: 

Print Projects
The top applications we reviewed came equipped with stationery sets that included invitation cards as well as extra products: RSVP cards, ceremony programs, reception cards, thank you notes and more. Many applications, especially those intended for greeting cards, may not have these items pre-loaded, but some have blank cards that be fashioned into the additional wedding stationery products. 

These could include such things as templates, color selections, clip art, fonts and the ability to import and edit photographs. It also would mean clear instructions for printing wedding invitations, other stationery and, with some products, envelopes. 

Ease of Use
This could include such things as how intuitive the software is, how well-explained it is during the intial set-up and how much help is easily available as the project progresses. 

Help & Support
This should be particularly strong so busy engaged couples can quickly and easily find answers to any questions while making their own wedding invitations. The type of help could include a tutorial, user manual, onscreen assistance, FAQs and prompt email responses to questions. 

Couples eager to save money and still put their own highly creative stamp on their nuptials should seriously consider making their own wedding invitations. The wealth of products available now will help even a computer beginner work through the project with today's wedding invitations software and produce memorable and professional-looking wedding invitations and other stationery.


Whether you want a formal and traditional look, a lighthearted and winsome appearance or something else altogether, this application can help you and your fiancé easily set the tone of your nuptials from the very start by making your own wedding invitations. This is your big day, after all, and PrintingPress will help you design and print inexpensive, but high-quality items ranging from wedding invitations to R.S.V.P. cards to menus. This product lets you be as creative as you want and get excellent help from PrintingPress’s wedding invitation ideas.

PrintingPress is one of the best wedding invitations software applications on the market. The extensive features, easy-to-use software and strong technical support make this a first-rate product.

With PrintingPress, you can create wedding invitation cards or save the date cards, direction and place cards, ceremony programs, menus, announcements, decorative stationery stamps, envelopes and even transparent or translucent paper overlays. 

This wedding invitations software has a number of preloaded features that let you pick flat or folded cards, pocket cards and more, all with envelopes sized to match, so you can design virtually every wedding stationery product you will need. 

The software lets you print envelopes with the option of placing the return address on the front of the envelope in the more modern style or onto the back envelope flap, which is the more traditional and etiquette-maven-approved way to handle wedding invitations. You also can print inner envelopes. The application lets you assign guests to tables for place card printing.

This application is quite versatile and lets you do such things as mark where holes should be punched after a paper product is printed so ribbons can be threaded through the holes and tied into a bow. You can color-coordinate everything, choose styles, add photos or images and write your own wording to fit the level of formality or informality of this special occasion. 

With the text tools on PrintingPress, you can adjust such things as line spacing and arrangements as well as characters. A sophisticated new tool lets you add accents to words in European languages. With PrintingPress, there are 12 preloaded fonts and many preloaded images to choose from, but you also can start from scratch with blank paper and design your wedding invitations in any fashion you like. 

You can browse for such things as borders, backgrounds, images and patterns and then view them as thumbnails. You can copy and paste various text styles and zoom in and out to see how things look both up close and on a broader scale. You also can preview what you have created before any printing is underway. 

One fun feature lets you color-coordinate text with an image color by using pull-down menus of color selections. Move the cursor to pick up the hue of your choice from an image, which you can then automatically place into the text. If you don’t like the look, the text color can quickly be restored to its original appearance or totally redone with something else. The same process can be used for the background color. 

If you want, you can order the sample project stationery or other paper products in bulk from Mountaincow, the parent company of PrintingPress. An immediate link on the wedding invitations software takes you to the company’s web site, which offers an extensive array of additional products as well as a free help and support system for the software application. 

Importing digital photographs or images is a fast and simple process with this wedding invitations app and there are plenty of tools for editing the pictures. The software lets you move, size, crop, rotate and flip pictures as well as make them semi-transparent. 

You also can change the color intensity of an image, increase or decrease its brightness or blur it. You also can make white transparent, which means everything white becomes clear, making it possible to see the writing or images that have been placed underneath. 

One particularly appealing feature lets you “gray scale” a color picture so it looks like an old-fashioned black and white photograph. You also can “fade” crisp photo borders for a softer and somewhat nostalgic look. Another creative tool lets you add floating images over written text. 

Printing wedding invitations can be done at home with any printer. Many printers can be set at the traditional letter size and the software will take it from there. However, some printers have paper sensors that detect a “mismatch” between the settings and the actual paper size, so the software contains a section where paper sizes can be selected and set. It’s good to take a trial run with one sheet of paper to make sure everything looks as it should before launching into the full printing task. 

When creating your wedding invitations and other stationery, you can either manually type in a guest’s name and address, or you can import guest lists from Outlook, Excel or any CSV file for printing envelopes. Guest mailing lists can be sorted as needed for various events (“girls’ names only” for a bridal shower, for example). The mailing list also can be preserved for other uses such as house warming invitations, holiday cards, birth announcements and more. If you decide to not handle the actual printing yourself, you still can do all the creative work at home so it looks exactly the way you want and then send the entire package to a professional service to be completed.

We found this wedding invitations software very easy to use. Its interface is modern and quite straightforward, which makes it very user-friendly. This application is well-organized and, in addition to the toolbar at the top of the screen, it offers a feature window along the left side that allows you to select and work on various projects. PrintingPress also provides excellent help and support if you have any questions.

This is an area where PrintingPress really shines. It includes a helpful user guide available to get you started. A quick click to the website brings up an online tour, FAQs and technical support that permits you to see previously asked questions or enter a new question. Emails generally are answered in one business day. PrintingPress also provides one year of company technical support, “bug fix” updates and a subscription to its monthly email newsletter that offers free downloads of products that are suited to the seasons.

PrintingPress lets you create beautiful and professional looking wedding invitations and other stationery at a fraction of the cost that you would pay if you bought everything ready-made. It also gives you and your fiancé a free hand to truly personalize every aspect of your wedding invitations. With this software, it is easy to create the exact design and style you want. PrintingPress is an excellent product and a great value.

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MyMemories Suite

If you fear that DIY wedding invitations will be a chore, take a look at MyMemories Suite because this attractive and intuitive product will make you happily change your mind. This user-friendly wedding invitations software is designed to help you create appealing and professional looking wedding stationery in short order.

MyMemories Suite falls short of the top spot because of a few shortcomings, like not handling envelopes. However, it still is one of the most flexible and useful wedding invitation software applications available.

One of the strong points of MyMemories Suite is how straightforward and simple it is to use, which is a real life-saver for engaged couples dealing with all the hustle and bustle of preparing for a wedding. 

You begin by working in an “album” that you name and for which you choose a theme for your wedding invitations. From there, you add guest information, put in your own special touches and then get ready to print. If you use the preloaded features, it really is basically a 1-2-3 step process. The software lets you create multiple albums if you want. 

With the product’s preloaded features, you can create wedding invitations, save the date cards, R.S.V.P.s, reception and table place cards, announcements, thank you notes, guest books, favors and more. 

To begin designing your wedding invitations you can pick from a number of colorful and attractive templates available in MyMemories, or you can hit an immediate link to its website for an extensive selection of different templates and digital content available through its online store. However, you do not have to buy anything extra if that is your choice. Instead, you can start with the paper you have selected, create your own design and import just about any image you want, either from those you made yourself or images found on the internet. 

As you write the wording for your wedding invitations and other stationery, you can do such things as make the writing flow around a square or an arc for an individual look. MyMemories also has features that let you put a shadow behind words, add a bevel effect or place a shape, such as an arc, under a word – which the text will then curve to fit. 

The software is preloaded with a large assortment of colorful embellishments such as flowers, buttons, ribbons, bows and more. These can be arranged on your wedding invitations and other stationery in any fashion you choose to give it extra flair. Images and photos can all be dragged and dropped wherever you want them, and then they can be positioned, sized, embellished or given captions or other flourishes. 

MyMemories also comes with an impressive array of photo editing tools for use when designing your wedding invitations. You can crop, rotate, brighten and zoom in and out of photographs, as well as put mats around them. You also can change the mat color with a tool that turns your cursor into an eyedropper shape that picks up the new color you choose from a menu and drops it into the mat. You can experiment as often as you like until you get the color that best suits your needs. Additionally, you can place a shadow outline behind pictures, put a box around photographs and quickly zap that annoying red-eye effect. 

One drawback in this otherwise excellent software is that it does not let you design and print envelopes for your wedding invitations or cards. However, you can merge details about your guests with mailing labels that can then be printed and affixed to envelopes. You also can merge guest details for place cards, which can be created and printed using MyMemories.

This application is highly intuitive and easy to use, but it also is backed by solid help and support, which is a real boon for any couple who might feel a bit insecure tackling such an important job as making the invitations for their own nuptials. The software is designed with the premise that choosing, styling and printing your own wedding invitations can be handled in a simple and step-by-step fashion. This product lets you do just that. 

The application is also fun to work with, and you can let your creativity go by doing such things as adding and subtracting embellishments, experimenting with shadows around lettering, moving pictures here and there to create a collage, coloring picture borders, etc., until you have created the exact effect you want for your wedding invitations or other projects.

Dialogue boxes that emerge onscreen are especially helpful as you move through the process. 

Printing can be done at home with any printer. You also can use MyMemories to design your own wedding stationery and then send it off to a professional service for the final production work.

MyMemories Suite is in excellent form here with many options for helping even the most computer-wary individual embark on DIY wedding invitations with confidence. The software offers an introductory tutorial and on-screen dialogue boxes that pop up with information to guide you along the way. An immediate link to the website brings up a helpful online user guide, FAQs, updates, a newsletter, forums and a blog. Questions are answered quite promptly: We emailed a question late on a Friday afternoon and got a response on Monday.

The manufacturer clearly has emphasized making MyMemories into an uncomplicated and nearly foolproof application, and that is obvious from the start. MyMemories lets you and your fiancé easily design wedding invitations and stationery that contains the pictures, wording, colors and special touches that reflect your personalities and the uniqueness of your special day. MyMemories is easy to use, offers an extensive selection of design and editing tools and has great help and support. MyMemories Suite is an exceptional product that will help you create beautiful and stylish wedding invitations easily and quickly.

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PrintMaster Platinum

PrintMaster Platinum is chock-full of different elements that can be used to make everything from greeting cards to scrapbooks to calendars. It contains characteristics that will allow you to design your own appealing and creative wedding invitation cards, even though it is was not created specifically as wedding invitations software. You can add personalized touches like digital photos, clip art images, special text effects, a host of colors and a number of attractive flourishes to get just the look you want.

As you begin to make your own wedding invitations, you can choose from the “New Product Options” area that will let you create wedding invitation cards and other projects from preloaded templates, or you can make them from scratch or choose online content. 

Although this is primarily a greeting card or multi-use product, this software can easily let you design dazzling wedding invitations and announcements. You can begin with one of its ready-made templates or start from scratch and put in your own style elements. 

Although these are not preloaded features, you also can create reception cards, R.S.V.P.s, thank you notes and more that all match your wedding invitations. Although these are not preloaded features, you can incorporate the same design elements, texts and colors into these additional wedding items.

Functions are accessed from the tool bar across the top of the screen as well as one that runs down the left hand side. That tool bar presents design tools that let you choose backgrounds, edit and adjust pictures, create headlines, add clip art and embellish it, as well as apply such things as shapes and lines. 

You also can click on the right hand side of the screen for another toolbar that displays picture layout options, shapes that can be dragged and dropped onto your project and such things as bulk paper products that are for sale. 

While working on your wedding invitation cards, you can import photographs or clip art and then have fun experimenting with custom options, such as adding different borders and special effects (like dropped shadows) and fitting pictures into a variety of layouts ranging from heart shapes to modern collages. 

You also can change background colors and textures with a simple click, and you can match colors from a handy menu. When you create the wording for your wedding invitations or announcements, you also can try out different texts and text effects to see what suits your personal taste. You can shape or warp written text and make use of a host of different headline styles. 

PrintMaster Platinum presents a sizeable number of useful photo editing tools that let you adjust color, re-size, crop, rotate, flip, reduce and enlarge digital pictures for use with your wedding invitations or cards. You also can zoom in and out, eliminate that red-eye look, add borders or “fade” borders to create a subtle touch. The photo editing tools are quite easy to use. An especially enjoyable facet of this software is its ability to “grayscale” photos – switching color pictures to look like black and white photographs, which can give a touchingly old-fashioned effect. 

PrintMaster Platinum’s user guide provides instructions for setting up your wedding invitations or other project for home printing. The software includes many capabilities, including the ability to preview your project, check for errors or for things you do not like, make any adjustments, and even alter the print resolution and the printing quality. Besides cards and envelopes, you also can print labels and save pages in a file intended for excellent quality images which can be printed into a hardbound photo album. If you elect to not do the actual printing at home, you can upload and send your work out for professional printing.

PrintMaster Platinum has a modern interface, and it is user-friendly and equipped with plenty of tools to let your creative side take off when making your own printable wedding invitations and other wedding stationery. The application is highly intuitive, but the manufacturer also makes a good deal of help available if you run into problems. This software can be used with both PCs and Macs.

PrintMaster Platinum does well in this area. The application comes equipped with a 112-page printed user manual that includes illustrations. The application also provides a help section and an index search with a long list of possible subjects you can investigate. Click on the also provides email and telephone support.

PrintMaster Platinum comes with just about every tool you will need to fashion the perfect wedding invitations for you and your fiancé. And you can do it all quickly and well with this software. Its many capabilities, accessible interface and ease of use make it a superior product.

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Greeting Card Factory

Greeting Card Factory Deluxe is a handy and intuitive application filled with an enormous selection of templates and images to make cards for all occasions, whether you are sending congratulations to a recent graduate or recognizing a young man’s bar mitzvah. However, it also provides features included in that you can use to make your own wedding invitations and the outer envelopes to send in the mail. 

 Greeting Card Factory Deluxe offers a host of possible wedding invitation card choices that come with the software. The application also provides different types of blank folding cards that let you craft and produce wedding announcements, R.S.V.P. cards, direction cards, ceremony programs, thank you notes and place cards, even though these are not specifically preloaded the software.

This application’s features make it easy to create wedding invitations since the software contains a substantial number of text fonts, numerous images as well as several card and envelope choices. 

If you prefer, Greeting Card Factory Deluxe has the necessary tools for you to design your own wedding invitations and stationery using the blank cards. This way you can let your imagination soar. You can write your own wording in the font of your choice and import your own photographs, which can be edited and arranged as you like. 

Greeting Card Factory Deluxe has a useful set of photo editing tools that let you import photographs and edit them by doing such things as flipping, rotating, adjusting color and adding special effects. You also can eliminate that red eye look, and zoom in and out to see what your wedding invitations look like. However, you cannot import your own clip art. 

Print your wedding invitations at home with this software. Greeting Card Factory Deluxe’s lengthy user manual explains in detail how to set up a printer to get the best results. You can preview your work, run a test print and adjust the quality of printing. The manual also instructs you how to arrange for double-sided printing on one sheet of paper if your printer needs to have the sheet inserted a second time. There also are instructions and illustrations for positioning envelopes for printing addresses.

We found this to be an extremely easy wedding invitations application to use. Its interface is attractive, the tools are well-organized and much of the software is self-explanatory. 

This product comes with a 248-page printed user manual that should get you off to a good start. The software also provides a tutorial and index search area. If you go manufacturer’s website, there are FAQs, and you can also seek help from telephone support.

Greeting Card Factory Deluxe is a helpful application that offers a practical and straightforward way to design your own wedding invitation cards as well as other wedding-related stationery. Its ease of use makes it a pleasure to work with and the final result is attractive and professional-looking wedding stationery that you are sure to love.

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Hallmark Card Studio

Hallmark Card Studio 2012 Deluxe is a greeting card application, but it also works well as wedding invitation software. The editing tools in this application make it easy to adjust a predesigned card or create your own from scratch. This software is user friendly and offers good help and support options.

You can create and save the wedding invitations, ceremony programs, menus and date, RSVP, directions, thank-you and placeholder cards. Hallmark Card Studio can create postcards, which you can use as photo cards. 

Hallmark Card Studio comes with a huge selection of fonts and images. If you use a predesigned card, you can keep the text or change the wording by clicking on the text box. Among the predesigned cards, you'll find designs that announce that a couple has been married. It's simple to click on the text box and change the wording to announce an upcoming wedding. 

You can import your own digital photos and take advantage of photo-editing tools such as crop, rotate, flip, red-eye elimination, color adjustment and collage creation. It's simple to drag and adjust image sizes, the location of text and more with this wedding invitation software. 

The smallest printing sizes you can use are postcard and label. When you're ready to print your cards, envelopes and labels, you can select your printer, adjust the printing options and select the printing quality. This wedding invitation software also allows you to print standard No. 10, quarter and single-fold envelopes. You can also import names and addresses from your mailing list. 

This wedding invitation application has a modern interface and is intuitive to use. The software for these Hallmark cards comes with a 34-page printed user manual and an electronic help guide within the software. The user guide has directions and tips for achieving the best printing results and most professional appearance for your cards, envelopes and labels. Hallmark provides technical support through There, you can look through a knowledgebase and FAQs, or you can contact tech support via live chat, email or telephone.

Although Hallmark Card Studio 2012 Deluxe is greeting card software, it still works great as wedding invitation card software. The predesigned Hallmark cards are easy to adjust to meet your needs, and the editing tools make it a breeze to create your own designs from scratch.

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Print Artist Platinum

This attractive software package is brimming over with all types of printable projects, starting with greeting cards and including such things as brochures and CD labels. However, Print Artist Platinum also can be used as wedding invitations software to design appealing and colorful invitation cards, envelopes, announcements and more.

Print Artist Platinum comes with preloaded templates, a variety of fonts and numerous graphics to use on your wedding invitations or other projects. You can edit the wording in a template, but you cannot delete any of the pages. However, you can start a project from scratch and use the software’s text and photo editing tools to create the wording, look and style you want for your wedding invitations. Although such things as place cards or direction cards are not preloaded, you can utilize the options for smaller sized printed products to fashion your own.

This wedding invitations application lets you have fun with the written word. You can change text colors, put shadows behind words, wrap text on a curve, employ different text shapes and, if your wedding is casual in nature, even use lettering that is described by the manufacturer as “tilted, staggered and wacky." 

Print Artist Platinum comes equipped with a handy supply of photo editing tools that let you import pictures and then edit them by cropping, flipping, adjusting color and eliminating that troubling red-eye appearance, even in pictures of pets. You also can rotate photos, add borders or mats, enlarge or reduce them and do such things as position them into collages. Some really creative features include the ability to “grayscale” a color photo to make it look like a black and white photograph, or you can add a sepia tone for an old-fashioned look and blur the edges of a picture for a softer effect. 

You can print your wedding invitations at home using any color printer, or you can send your designs to a professional service to complete the job. The application comes with a 308-page user manual that provides instructions all types of printing jobs if you choose to do it yourself, including how to handle double-sided printing. You can preview the job at hand before doing anything, and the manual contains a troubleshooting section to help with questions. 

This software comes with a lot of bells and whistles since it is designed to create greeting cards and many other items. Because it has so many features, the manufacturer has equipped it with a lengthy and comprehensive on-screen tutorial in addition to the printed user manual. Print Artist Platinum may seem a bit complex at first glance, but the useful explanations and strong help and support make it easy to let your creativity take off as you design your own wedding invitations. 

Print Artist does an excellent job here. Along with the tutorial and user manual, a click to the website reveals FAQs and live chat assistance. The website said its email support will get back to you in two business days, but we got a same-day answer to a question. There also is telephone support, although users are cautioned that it may take a while to get a service representative on the phone during busy times.

Print Artist Platinum contains plenty of text and graphic elements to keep any couple busy designing their wedding invitation cards and other wedding stationery. The design and photo editing tools give you the freedom to make your own wedding invitations as colorful and as eye-catching as you choose. This multi-faceted application is a great product.

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The Print Shop Deluxe

The Print Shop Deluxe is not sold specifically as a wedding invitations software product, but you nonetheless can use it to create appealing wedding invitations and other wedding-related stationery. The multitude of tools and editing options available with this product will help you produce something that will look as attractive as anything that a professional printing service could make. One drawback is that it is a little more difficult to negotiate than other applications we reviewed.

This is a multi-faceted application that you can put to work to create colorful and charming items for your wedding using the preloaded wedding-related materials such as cards, menus and brochures that can be turned into custom-made ceremony programs.

You also can really put your imagination to work, as well as your own photos, to turn blank templates into beautiful and personalized wedding announcements, thank-you notes and more.

The Print Shop Deluxe presents preloaded templates and greeting cards that may be just the ticket for creating your perfect wedding invitations. If you choose, you can start from scratch with the application’s blank pages and custom make your own personalized projects by styling and editing the card’s elements until you have just what you want. 

Unlike applications designed especially for wedding purposes, The Print Shop Deluxe is not filled with such things as table place cards or reception cards. However, you can fashion your own from the software’s selection of smaller blank cards if you choose. The Print Shop Deluxe also comes with the ability to print envelopes, which is a great touch for betrothed couples when they send their wedding invitations or thank you cards. It also lets you create labels, including address labels for mailing, as well as postcards.

The latest version gives you a redesigned workspace to get started. The updated product is equipped with a generous supply of text options, clip art, templates and editing tools. You can do such things as wrap text around an image, add headlines or place drop shadows around writing. 

The Print Shop Deluxe lets you import your own pictures, which you can rotate, flip and crop to any shape. You also can experiment with transparency, photo frames and changing color pictures to black and white. Another feature lets you improve the appearance of people in your photos with spot touch-ups that erase blemishes, smooth wrinkles, and whiten teeth. 

Also new is the ability to post to Facebook, which is a boon for betrothed and newlywed couples who want to share events leading up to and after their ceremony. In addition, you can keep everything on track through the address book and event reminder capabilities. With these, you can import material from Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook.

We found it took a fairly long time to install this product and we had some difficulty opening it the first few times we tried it. After that, it opened easily. There is a bit of a learning curve before you can feel confident navigating this wedding invitations software. However, it compensates for this with the enormous number of text, editing and other creative tools and options that come with this application. 

The software has extremely helpful live chat on its website that can quickly provide you with answers to any questions. The website also contains a number of useful video tutorials that address everything from editing pictures to placing drop shadows on text. There also is a section with answers to commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, there is email and phone support.

The Print Shop Deluxe lets you make attractive basic wedding stationery items with your own personal flourishes despite the fact that it is not intended primarily as a wedding invitations application. While we like the finished product this software produces, it would be helpful if it were a bit easier to use.

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Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe

Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe is intended for scrapbooking purposes rather than a straightforward wedding invitations software application. But it offers some highly pleasing greeting card capabilities that can be used to make basic wedding-related stationery that is colorful and becoming. It is not designed to fulfill every wedding stationery purpose such as place cards or ceremony programs. However, the program does offer enough options that you can craft the smaller wedding stationery items from a small selection of blank templates if you choose. 

The application is a useful product for someone who is interested in both wedding invitations and scrapbooking. When judged as a scrapbooking tool alone, this is an absolutely great product that is filled to overflowing with features to make outstanding ways to preserve your memories. 

The software offers a variety of templates, fonts, photo editing tools and color effects that let you make basic wedding products such as invitations, thank you cards, save the date cards and more. It comes with preloaded templates and graphics, or you can import and edit your own. 

There also is a substantial collection of blank templates to choose from that you can set up and style anyway you want on your wedding invitations. One big plus is that you can merge such things as names and addresses from Excel or other sources into this software. 

You can certainly inject plenty originality into your wedding invitations and projects with different writing fonts and the application’s various text effects that include such things as shadows for words, unusually shaped letters, diverse backgrounds and borders, custom shapes and lines. 

You also can liven things up with drawing tools to sketch lines, rectangles, ovals and triangles, or try some freehand artistic efforts to put your individual stamp on your wedding invitation cards. There also are literally thousands of clip art graphics and embellishments that can spice things up and add color and verve to your wedding stationery. 

This wedding invitations application lets you be as innovative as you want as you experiment with its sizeable number of easy-to-use photo editing tools. This application lets you undo that red-eye look in pictures, apply special effects to photos, adjust and enhance colors, crop, rotate and re-size photos to fit your needs. You can even do such fun things as add “border corners” to make pictures look like those found in the photograph albums of yesteryear. 

The software’s printed user manual provides clear instructions for getting the best results for all types of printing, including illustrations for how to feed envelopes into the printer. 

This software is easy to use and quite intuitive. This product also offers great help and support, which can help if problems arise. 

Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe furnishes excellent support for this wedding invitations software. It comes with a 256-page printed user manual, an onscreen tutorial, lessons and dialogue boxes. On its website, the application offers a set of FAQs as well as updates, user forums, live chat, telephone support and email support from its technical support team.

This product contains a dazzling array of features that can you can employ to jazz up basic wedding paper products such as invitations, save the date cards, thank you notes, menus and ceremony programs. Since it is primarily a scrapbooking application, Art Explosion Scrapbook Factory Deluxe is not at its strongest when it comes to creating a full array of products for weddings. However, its features are numerous and among the best, and, with a little creativity, you can use this software to design your own wedding invitations and more. The finished results will be attractive and uniquely yours. In addition, with this product in hand you also have an excellent scrapbooking application that can do wonders for preserving those special wedding day memories.

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Print Creations Cards & Calendars

Print Creations Cards & Calendars is a basic design application that is not marketed for wedding invitations software. Instead, it is intended for multi-purpose use, including creating signs, posters, photo calendars, photo books, brochures and more. However, it does have a greeting card section that can be configured into wedding invitations and a few other wedding stationery items.

Opening a new greeting card project brings up a number of cards available for sale. However, the application also has greeting card templates that come with the software and which you can customize for such things as wedding invitations, announcements, save the date cards and thank you cards. There are only a few wedding-related cards in the selection, although others can be purchased through the manufacturer, ArcSoft. 

One particularly appealing feature is that you can import names and mailing addresses from Outlook as well as create an address book within the application.

The app comes with basic tools for choosing a font. Within a text box you can do such things as boldfacing, underlining, or aligning what you have written. You also can change the size with a sliding tool. The application also comes with pre-worded messages in case you find yourself tongue-tied. You can select one, apply it to the card or wedding invitations and edit the text to suit your tastes. 

Your own digital photos can be imported and then dragged and dropped onto the project or wedding invitations you are working on at the moment. You can edit by zooming in and out to enlarge or reduce the image, adjust the color in a variety of ways, rotate or flip the image, and eliminate the red-eye look. 

ArcSoft’s online index provides information about how to print your wedding invitations or other projects at home. You can preview a project before it is printed and adjust your printer settings. It is possible to print on both sides of a single sheet of paper by checking the “Run Print Wizard” function which will show how to load the paper. Then you choose a paper feed, check the instructions and select the number of copies you want before printing. You also can make use of ArcSoft’s online printing service if you choose.

Print Creations Cards & Calendars was a little difficult to navigate and the menus and tools were not particularly intuitive. It took some time and several different attempts to get the application do what we wanted it to do.

If you register an account with ArcSoft, you can get free FAQs, tutorials, manuals, email support, access to its community forum (where you can either participate or just be a lurker), and an optional subscription to various email announcements about promotions, new products, discounts and more.

Print Creations Cards & Calendars is not the most versatile wedding invitations application we reviewed, but you can make appealing cards and such basic nuptial stationery as wedding invitations, save the date cards, wedding announcements and thank you cards. You can even take cards intended for other purposes and, by changing the inside text, make them into something else. For example, we took a friendship greeting card and turned it into a wedding announcement card with a picture of a newlywed couple on the front and new text inside.

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Greeting Card Studio

Greeting Card Studio is a straightforward and simple application that is not stuffed with a bewildering array of features, but it offers handy tools for basic designs. If you are looking to create pleasant and basic wedding invitations and other uncomplicated wedding stationery, this application will function as the wedding invitations software for you.

Greeting Card Studio is just what the title says, a greeting card software application. However, it can be configured to make such things as wedding invitations, announcements, ceremony programs, thank you notes, menus and save the date cards. If you don’t mind doing a bit of cutting or folding, you could also use this application to make such things as place setting cards, direction cards, reception cards and more. You also can click to the website to order and buy new downloads of various types.

The application includes several preloaded templates and clip art images that represent a variety of styles, including, floral, Victorian and modern. You also can start from scratch with a blank template for your wedding invitations project and work more extensively with that, creating your own unique design. 

Text is created in a text window that is a bit clumsy to use. You can write your own wording, and the application also comes equipped with quotations about friendship and love that you can insert. 

The application offers plenty of opportunities to get creative with color on your wedding invitations. You can put a solid color into the background of a project or have a “gradient” that shows one color blending into another. Your color choices can easily be changed with a simple click. 

It is easy to import your own photos and edit them by moving them around, adjusting color brightness and contrast, and working with the application’s color effects. You can have fun with your pictures if you decide to “grayscale” a color photograph to make it look like a black and white picture. You also can fashion a modern color picture to look like an old-fashioned photograph by clicking a tool that turns it to sepia, adding an endearingly nostalgic effect. 

You also can add picture frames and borders, crop and size photos, and add a caption. You also can zoom in and out, rotate and flip photos.

This application takes a bit of getting used to, and it is not quite as intuitive as others we have reviewed. However, with a bit of practice you can maneuver around and accomplish what you need to in fairly short order. Printing is a direct process and there are several ways to export your finished wedding invitations or other project.

The application has an online overview that explains how to edit images and make a greeting card or wedding invitations. There also is an email address for technical support.

Greeting Card Studio is a useful and basic design application that can make pretty wedding invitation cards and more if you take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with its characteristics.

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