Comodo Internet Security Pro Firewall Test Results

Comodo Internet Security Pro Firewall Test Results

The Comodo Internet Security Pro firewall module performs very well, based on the benchmark test results reported by independent test lab, Matousec. In 2011, Matousec subjected Comodo Internet Security to 148 tests that focused on the personal firewall software in this security suite. Comodo passed every one of the 10 test levels. Read our review of Comodo Internet Security Pro along with two other winners: Bitdefender Internet Security and Outpost Firewall Pro.

In the first test level, Comodo proved that it can detect malware that installs in the system registry with the intention of running every time that the user logs in. Comodo was able to identify trusted processes accurately, and it properly filtered ICMP traffic. It was able to guard its own processes against deletion by special system calls. And it successfully protected its processes, and threads of its processes, against termination. Matousec also found that the Comodo firewall filters outbound TCP and UDP traffic and controls the launching of Internet Explorer.

In the second test level, Comodo proved itself in autorun tests. Comodo denied malware the ability to persist in the system whether or not the malware tried to change a registry entry or install itself in the system registry. It also prevailed against malware that tried to persist in the system by injecting itself into a Windows Explorer task or by copying itself into the system startup folder. Comodo did not let malware modify the default browser in memory. And it could distinguish between clean and infected Service Host processes. It protected Internet Explorer s settings and prevented malicious launching of Explorer via the system console shell.

At level three of the Matousec test suite, Comodo was successful at every autorun test, leak test and self-defense test. For example it would not let malware change the machine-wide registry settings of the Command Processor. It would not let malware inject malicious code into Explorer. And it was wise to any malware that tried to misuse Explorer. Some highlights from level four of the tests were that Comodo prevented malware from installing itself as an application during the system boot process, it stopped attempts to log the current user out, and it successfully ignored malware that tried to shut Comodo down via a shutdown message.

As Comodo shrugged off any challenge all the way up to level 10 of the test suite, it demonstrated that it can provide immunity against the most sophisticated malware tactics. It would not let malware crash it by allocating all of the system memory. When the testers simulated situations where Comodo did not load one if its components, it did not result in vulnerabilities. Tests designed to maliciously manipulate Comodo security descriptors failed to make their mark. Comodo would not allow malware to monitor keystrokes. And test malware designed to check whether Comodo protects during system shutdown until every untrusted process is terminated was not able to expose any weakness in Comodo.

It is commendable that Comodo s firewall scored 100-percent success rates on every one of the 148 tests that comprise the Matousec proactive security challenge. And the firewall is just one component of Comodo Internet Security Pro. It is a complete security suite, not just the best firewall.

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