With hundreds of dollars invested into Xbox gaming systems, many people are looking for ways to better protect their investment-making backup game copies has become a popular alternative.

Although it's perfectly legal to make and play backup copies of your own XBox games, it's not easy. Copying XBox games successfully requires five tools:


  • An Ethernet crossover cable
  • Third party software capable of converting XBox files into .ISO files
  • Compatible software for copying XBox games
  • The right copy media
  • An XBox Mod Chip


Retrieving and Converting XBox Game Files

The first step to copying XBox games is to connect your XBox to your computer with an Ethernet crossover cable, which allows you to FTP all the files you need to create a backup copy of your game to your hard drive.

Once loaded, you must convert the game files into .ISO format in order for game copy software to burn them onto a CD or DVD for use. This is done through third party software, like Qwix or XISO that are available online.

Game Copying Software

When selecting software for copying XBox games, remember that not all game copying software programs are designed to copy XBox games. Check before you buy.

Also, you'll want to select software that makes copying XBox games easy, produces quality copies and has plenty of help support to back it up.

Game Copying Media

As XBox uses DVD technology, the best media to use when copying XBox games for backup purposes are recordable DVDs. A fully modified XBox will read the following formats: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and CD-RW.

XBox Mod Chips

In order to play legal backup copies of XBox games, you must hardwire an XBox Mod Chip into your gaming console. A Mod Chip is an electronic device that either modifies or replaces your XBox console's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). This modification overwrites the security measures Microsoft incorporated and allows your XBox to play game copies.

But modifying your XBox doesn't come without challenges or consequences. Installing Mod Chips can be extremely difficult; many require soldering several wires into place-from 8 to 22 (But recently, more solder-free chips are becoming available.)

When selecting a Mod Chip, you'll want to verify that it supports your version of XBox. You'll want to purchase your chip from a reputable source or you may end up with an incompatible or faulty chip.

Also, when you install a Mod Chip into your XBox console, two things happen-first, you'll void your warranty, and second, you probably won't be able to play XBox Live-an online gamming service (with a paid subscription) which connects XBox players all over the world for gaming as if on the same system.

Whether the thought of losing your ability to eradicate aliens, clash light sabers with Jedi or battle it out on D-Day is more than you can take or if you simply want to have your XBox cake and eat it too, then backup game copies and a modified system console is the answer.

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