SAT, ACT and PSAT exams usually take place Saturday mornings, bright and early. Friday will likely be a normal school day, and by the time you get home around four or five in the evening, you will start thinking about, and perhaps dreading, the upcoming exam.

The day before is too late to cram, it is far too late to add 200 hundred words to your vocabulary or to learn advanced algebra. Nevertheless, not all hope is lost, there are a few things you can do the day before the test to increase your score and lower your stress level.

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Friday Evening

5:00 pm: Work on vocabulary. Too late to memorize, so work on roots, derivations and pre-fixes.

6:00 pm: Have a healthy dinner. Your brain needs glucose to function properly.

6:30 pm: Go over the basics of good essay writing. Sketch out a few outlines on random subjects. The outline should include introduction, body with relevant facts and a persuasive conclusion. Try to get to where you can outline an essay in less than five minutes.

7:30 pm: Go for a walk or a run, do something to get your blood pumping a bit and release some stress.

8:00 pm: Shower, that way if you get out of the house a little late in the morning, you are covered, and it will help you relax.

8:30 pm: Familiarize yourself with math formulas, including geometry to intermediate algebra, it's also helpful to memorize common measurements such as miles and kilometers, pounds and ounces, and gallons and quarts.

9:30 pm: Make sure you have everything set out for the next day including: two #2 pencils, a pencil sharper, eraser, watch, picture ID, non-programmable calculator and a few small nutritious snacks. Some tests will let you bring some blank scratch paper as well.

9:45 pm: Take a basic grammar book to bed, look through the pages and study proper sentence structure.

10:00 pm: Lights out. It will do you more harm than good to stay up all night studying; it will only make you tired.


6:30 to 7:30 am: Eat breakfast and drink some juice, the boost of sugar will do you good. Don't forget to grab the things you need to bring to the test.

7:45 am: The test usually starts at 8:00, arrive early and verify your registration.

8:00 am: Let all of your worries go and rely on your skills and knowledge to complete the test on time and to the best of your abilities.

After the test is over, you will likely receive your score within six weeks. If you are not happy with the results, study your weak spots and try again.

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