Don tipped the limo driver, thanking him for the ride with a Benjamin. He approached the casino with a cocky almost triumphant stride knowing he was going to win big that night, really big. He entered the casino, took a few long looks and thought, "This is my night to make history."

What’s going to happen to Don? Where is the author going to take this story? Who knows? What we do know is that to create a piece of fiction, whether it be a novel, short story, or screenplay takes some work—a lot of work.

The right writing software can greatly aid any budding author on a quest to write a published work. Writing software won’t write the stories for you, but a good program will help you along the way. It is always there to offer assistance when needed the most when writer’s block occurs. Most programs run concurrent with word processors or have built-in processors and can offer prompt assistance with the click of a button or two, offering you the help needed to get over a hump.

Creative writing software helps in many areas including:

  • Outline— Outlining features provide the framework you’ll need to construct your story. These programs break your story into chapters or sections, help you determine story length and aid in developing an ending for your story.
  • Spark Creativity— Some programs use exercises to provoke thought, while others ask questions. Software can also suggest ways to bring characters to life and improve writing style. These programs are easy to use and can assist you in generating ideas.
  • Educate— Reference sections educate the writer and contain tons of information and advice. They enhance your writing skills while still giving you the artistic freedom to develop your story.
  • Legalities— Many programs offer advice on the legal issues of writing a book so when the time comes to publish you are informed.

Prices of software packages greatly depend on the number of features and the quality of product and range from under $10 to over $100—the majority of these products range from $40 to $70.

Finding a program that will work best for you can be tricky. Take some time, look at different writing software packages and compare several different programs from various manufacturers before making a purchase.

Creative writing software assists authors in their quest to achieve literary greatness. It provides the novices with the help they need to develop their skills and helps the experts by giving them a little nudge in the right direction. Good luck, authors.

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