File Compression: 5 Reasons to Archive Your Business Emails

File Compression: 5 Reasons to Archive Your Business Emails

As more and more of the world can be accessed through the internet, so too can private company information. Email correspondence is no longer as secure as it once was, and proof of this can be seen through hacker movements stealing and exposing incriminating company emails to the public. Any and every company should consider enabling email archiving functions to protect older data against theft or misuse. Here are five reasons to consider compressing files using the archive function in your email management software.

1. Increased Employee Productivity

For many employees, it can take more than an hour a week to manage their email inboxes and historical files. By establishing an automated archiving process, it gives them back time they can t hen spend on their current projects rather than on retaining old records.

2. Reduced Storage Needs

The cost of data storage is swiftly decreasing, yet this has done little to affect the price of managing data. More storage means more data, which means more work. The result is that many organizations have to reconsider current storage methods. The first step any company can take in better data management is to establish a centralized archive repository. By creating this hub, IT professionals can establish in-process compression and de-duplication to reduce storage volume while still improving the efficiency of automated archiving.

3. Disaster Preparation

By disaster, we don't mean a hurricane or earthquake, but rather a primary database or server crashing. Anything that wasn t saved after the most recent backup becomes lost. Using strategies such as real-time  journal  archiving, IT departments can be sure to capture every piece of data traveling through the email server. Establishing consistent file archiving sessions helps to minimize data loss. However, this data still needs to be consistently backed up to ensure all emails and files can be retrieved in the event of an emergency.

4. Reduced Human Error

The bulk of corporate security risks tend to originate through employee behaviors. Anything from deleting critical intelligence or incriminating emails to saving emails that should be deleted is a cause for concern. While most employees don t mean to misuse their work email address, it isn t uncommon for them to forget that improper data retention can put a company at risk legally. An employee may think they re doing their employer a favor by creating local archive files or saving data on a private storage drive. What this does is decentralize data and make it more easily available to individuals who might misuse the information.

5. Secured Intelligence

Improper records management can result in exposing important information to thieves. Aside from any external threats, companies also need to consider the threat of malicious or ignorant employees. Without creating a centralized archive hub and regulating information access, this data can be accessed, erased, altered or even shared by an employee or external source. You should ensure that whatever archiving management software you use is protected by a corporate firewall in addition to password protections and archive encryptions.


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