So you ve just installed your Google Chrome internet browser and you re ready for a new look at the internet. Chrome is a powerful modern browser with impressive amounts of expandability, exemplified by its wide variety of addons and plug-ins called  Extensions.  Here at Top Ten Reviews, we ve assembled a list of five essential Google Chrome extensions that will help you get the most out of your browser. Read on for a list of the most impressive, productivity-improving and useful extensions you can get.

Xmarks is an extension that allows you to sync bookmarks and passwords across multiple browsers. With this application, you can bookmark a webpage from your computer at work and, with Xmarks enabled on your home computer, you can continue to view the page at home. Your bookmarks sync to a universal Xmarks account that can be activated through multiple browsers. If you have more than one computer, or even more than a single browser, this extension is absolutely essential.

If you hate popups, display ads and all of their promotional ilk, then this is the app for you. AdBlock will clean up any webpage you visit by removing all forms of advertisements, giving you unimpeded access to all of the content you crave. This extension goes beyond normal advertisement blocking applications by preventing the ads from even being downloaded. This not only speeds up the loading of the page, but it actually enhances your browsing security by preventing the download altogether. For clean, hassle-free browsing, make sure you ve got AdBlock.

DayHiker is essentially a miniaturized Google Calendar. This application will place a small icon on your browser bar that consolidates your Google to-do list and all of your calendar events into one small window. Convenient drop-down lists that show your to-do list and calendar are placed in the small icon on your browser bar. They also provide pop-out windows with the ability to add events and organize event alarms.

Google Mail Checker Plus
If you re as used to constant push notifications and split-second updates as we are, then you will love Google Mail Checker Plus. This extension not only allows you to receive instant notifications from your Gmail account, but you can also customize viewing options, custom domain email notifications, and an email preview window. This makes it a great deal easier to stay up-to-date on your email.

RSS Subscription Extension
The ability to subscribe to and monitor RSS feeds is not a native feature of Google Chrome. This perplexing oversight is covered by the addition of this useful extension. It does exactly what you think it would do: it adds a button that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds. There is no word yet on when this is going to be implemented in the browser itself, but until then, you ll need this extension to be able to subscribe to RSS feeds from your favorite websites.

Improve your browsing experience with these five essential Google Chrome extensions. There are hundreds of plug-ins for this browser to choose from, ranging from simple email monitors to complex productivity apps. But with these five plug-ins, your internet browsing will be painless and personalized.

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