When working with advanced software, you can encounter a barrage problems, and how you manage these issues is key. Bug tracking software manages and stores information about these issues. Programmers, quality assurance personnel, IT staff members and other professionals use this software to log and track all issues and even assign individuals to handle certain bugs within projects.

There are both paid and free versions of issue tracking software. Paid applications often provide more tools and support options. While free versions are worth considering if you need to keep your costs low, these programs may have limited feature sets or offer very little customer support. However, if you simply can’t spare the money, here are five of the best free bug tracking applications worth checking out.


Bugzilla is one of the best – and most popular – free defect tracking applications. It allows you to conduct both basic and customized searches to find information about specific bugs. When you enter issues into the program, you can write a short summary describing the bug. The application will automatically look through other entries to determine if you are adding a duplicate bug into the program. You can create reports or schedule specific times for reports to generate, which allows you to view real-time progress on all bugs. You can also create groups of users, which limits who can view and access certain information.

In addition, Bugzilla allows you to leave comments, attach files and modify or edit information about specific bugs. Administrators can create custom fields so information entered into the program is relevant to your specific company.


Redmine gives you plenty of control over your issue tracking software. You can manage all your projects within the software and set permissions on who can or cannot access the data. You have full control over the information you list for each bug, and you customize the bug type and status for each entry. You can also set your own workflow and assign tasks to certain individuals.

Redmine is also simple to use and provides all the resources you need on its website to fully utilize this application. A user guide, FAQs and how-to resources are all available on the company website. This is a benefit as several free programs don’t provide many resources regarding the software and its feature set.


This application is created with the IT pro in mind. There are several versions of this application, with each version offering more features and allowing more users to utilize it. While there is a free version of this application, only three users can use it and you can only manage 100 assets. However, despite its limitations, it provides numerous tools to track and manage all your issues.

You can enter in your issues and analyze each one. You can create detailed plans to remove all bugs and easily enter in detailed information. You can also assign issues to individuals and track their progress on handling the bug. However, while this application does have plenty to offer, it is much more limited, and you’ll want to consider a paid plan if you want to fully utilize all that FreshService has to offer.


YouTrack is issue tracking software that is available on either the cloud or your own server. With this application, you can easily enter in and manage all bugs. You can include all the details that matter to you and even star certain issues that you want to closely monitor. This application has all the tools you will find in similar products, allowing you to assign issues to individuals, receive alerts and add comments and messages within the program.

In addition, YouTrack provides excellent searching capabilities. You can search through logs of issues and create shortcuts to make working within the application a much more enjoyable process. To also narrow down the search process, you can use filters to help find bugs that relate to specific issues.

There are several versions of the software that allow for a different number of users and varying storage limits. A free version is available that provides 5GB of storage and up to 10 users.


MantisBT allows you to customize the application to meet your company’s needs. You can enter in the information that matters most to your specific business and create a customized workflow process. In addition, you have complete control over who has access to your projects and information. You can limit users and deny permissions to certain information.

Additionally, you can set notifications that will alert you to new comments or project updates. There are ample collaboration settings which allow you to communicate with team members to resolve issues and remove bugs.

With MantisBT, the free version is the only version, so you cannot pay to upgrade and enjoy a larger selection of features and tools.

With the right bug tracking software, you can manage and monitor the entire lifespan of any bugs, all while keeping your costs low.

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