No matter where you use computers - work, home or school - disk imaging software can make your life much easier. Here are a few examples of how disk imaging can save valuable time anywhere:

Disk Imaging for Clean Home Computers

Children are notorious for messing with things, particularly your computer. Web surfing, gaming, downloading - kids can pick up a lot of junk while surfing online. Children can alter your computer settings easily, change your backgrounds and mess up your desktop. Adventurous children - those who know how to get around on a computer - may accidentally foul up vital programs that you have automated, such as firewalls, filters and other security and privacy tools.

Eventually you'll get tired of uninstalling and reinstalling software on your home computer to get it working right again. Even with just basic software, cleaning off a computer and reinstalling everything from scratch is a long, complex task.

There's an easier way - disk imaging software. Instead of reinstalling dozens of times, install just once. Then, take a snapshot of your hard drive when it's at its best. Later when things go wrong and the computer is stuttering and stalling, whip out your image, restart the computer and, voil , you're back in business.

Disk Imaging for Secure Workplace Computers

Are you an employer concerned about viruses, keyloggers, spyware and other trash getting onto employee computers? This is a bigger problem than many realize. In fact, businesses and installations are prime targets for information terrorism, and must deal with an onslaught of worthless and dangerous downloads daily. To be a prepared employer, arrange for employees to save work data to a network daily, then regularly image their PCs.

Another fact to consider: over time, every PC gets sluggish because the registry gets bloated. A safer alternative to cleaning the registry is to restore the original image to the computer.

Image Computers for Convenience at Schools and Training Programs

If you're an instructor in a technology field, you'll want students to have the freedom to explore and learn. Computer science students in particular need practice making big changes, reconfiguring and messing up a hard drive is important to learning how they work.

Also, in a computer training situation, you'll want all the computers to start with the same configurations so everyone starts on the same page. Imaging and restoring hard disks before each class is the fastest way to give the next student a fresh slate with exact specifications.

This same principle applies just as well to any group of computers, no matter where - public schools, the library, an internet caf . Using imaging software regularly will keep a computer network neat and tidy with minimal effort.

Imaging Software - Save Time and Money

If you haven't taught yourself how to image a hard drive and just can't survive with a fouled-up computer, you'll end up paying a technician to do this work for you. By learning to use disk imaging software yourself, you save time, money and hassle. Your computers will be under your control, as it should be.

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